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COVID PCR Results in 24 Hours

Take your PCR test at home and get your Fit to Travel & Test to Release Certificates online within 24 hours of sample receipt. ** UK Govt. Approved **

COVID PCR Results in 24 Hours

Take your PCR test at home and get your Fit to Travel & Test to Release Certificates online within 24 hours of sample receipt. ** UK Govt. Approved **

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Covid 19 PCR 5 star experience

My wife and I used your service to get a covid pcr test in order to fly to Cyprus. The turnaround was inless than 24 hours, fast, efficient and friendly. One important point, a step by step aid to navigating the way to the fit to fly report would improve the web site even more.A truly 5 star service.

From Dr. R. Graham

I didn’t think this test would be as…

I didn’t think this test would be as comprehensive as the results show. Because they picked up on two (quite unusual) areas that I was already aware of, I totally trust the rest of the results. Will definitely be adapting my lifestyle as suggested. Would recommend.

From Louise Burley

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Be Certain in just a few steps..

1. Order

Order your testing kit online and we'll deliver it to you next working day.

2. Sample

Following the instructions, collect your sample and post it back to us in the prepaid envelope.

3. Analysis

UKAS accredited lab will process your sample and breakdown of all the important test markers for analysis.

4. Review

Qualified professionals will review your results and create an action plan to achieve your specified goals.

5. Results

The results and specialists' reports will be available for you to access online, through your dedicated portal.

6. Thrive

In our online portal you can book appointments with our partner specialists to discuss your plan & your progress :)

Be Certain in just a few steps..

Have the Right support.

Specialised Assessments

Specialised Assessments

Whether it's the DNA or Blood testing package. Your results will always be reviewed by a qualified Doctor and/or Level 3 Personal Trainer who will provide you with a tailored report, just for YOU.

Appointment Consultation

Appointment Consultation

Follow up on your results and book a follow up appointment with one of our partner specialists. From your dashboard, you can view a list of Rightangled specialists near your location.

Plenty of Resources

Plenty of Resources

Access educational tools to understand the science behind our tests, the mechanism of action of all tested markers and much more.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Online chat with one of our support team members who will be able to answer any of your questions and provide you with tailored support that suits your needs.

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World Class Science

World Class Science

Research and Development

In a nutshell...

Who is Rightangled?

Rightangled is a healthcare provider specialised in precision medicine, registered and regulated under the Care Quality Commission in England. 

Backed and seed funded by the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network - The innovation adoption arm of NHS England in the West Midlands, UK - to provide home testing services through an online platform, through which users are connected with healthcare and wellness professionals.

How can I return my sample to the lab?

You can guarantee the next day return to the lab if you deposit your sample at any of our drop off points (Rightangled HQ) or at any of DX courier sample drop off points. You can visit our shipment and return page for more information on the current return options available.

How do you protect my data?

We take data protection and customer privacy very seriously. Our policy is to never sell or share our users data with any profitable 3rd party organisation. To read the highlights of our privacy policy, please visit our Data Protection page.

How can I talk to someone after receiving my report?

If you’d like to discuss your reports further, you can book an appointment from your online portal with any of our partner specialists (cardiologists, general practitioners and personal trainers).

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