Rightangled is led by Abdullah Sabyah, a scientist-entrepreneur and a healthcare professional who is also a member of the British Heart Foundation Alliance, a member of the Clinical Pharmacogenomics Implementation Consortium in the US, and the inventor of a patent pending technology for nucleic acid testing on a lateral flow assay.

BSc, MSc in Medical Biotechnology and Business Management from Warwick University.

Our design consultant Floriane Rousse-Marquet is a researcher, strategist and service designer with a background in industrial design. She has over 5 years of experience working for leading design consultancies over the world, where she has provided extensive research and strategy services for leading pharmaceutical companies such as GSK and Novo Nordisk. She also worked in global development with international organisations tackling complex systems that limit economic opportunities and hold multiple design awards.

Over the years, Mrs. Floriane has developed a hands on expertise for healthcare products and services. Her proficiencies are in leading consumer focused qualitative research uncovering crucial insights to drive business growth and to run collaborative processes that would breed the necessary support to execute innovative ideas within the business.

Deirdre Power. Originally from Dublin, graduated from DCU with a B.Sc. in Genetics and Cell Biology. Deirdre have previously worked at the Irish National Centre for Medical Genetics and her areas of interest are in translational genomics, molecular biology and cytogenetics. Passionate about providing superior diagnostics and safer more effective treatments regimes to patients.

Mitra joins Rightangled diagnostic with a wealth of knowledge in genetic disorders and molecular diagnostic experiences. Being a member of Rightangleds Research and Development team, Mitra is responsible for reviewing and updating reports on regular basis. Prior to joining Rightangled diagnostic she worked as genetic consultant and human molecular genetic researcher at many genetic and cell and molecular biology-based diagnostic labs, where she was responsible for performing routine and non-routine highly specialised genetic tests, analysing the results and explaining them for patients and their family members with advice on further action. She also had various roles at the University of Manchester, recently being a Post Doctoral Research Associate at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research.

Mitra holds a PhD in Biochemistry from University of Manchester, where she also spent two years as a post-doctoral research associate. In addition, she earned a masters's degree in Human Molecular Genetics from Imperial College of London and a bachelor degree in cell and molecular biology-Genetics.

With more than 30 years corporate finance experience, Tony is a key member of the team. Tony is a chartered accountant well known throughout the finance community in the Birmingham, Black Country and Worcestershire regions. Tony has extensive experience of working with all of the region's banks and venture capitalists in raising finance, acquisitions and disposals within the SME market.

Undergraduate training in Cambridge and Oxford Universities. Postgraduate training in London and USA. Frontline NHS clinician at The Royal Free Hospital and Professor of Nephrology al UCL Medical School. Active researcher with over 100 papers published in peer reviewed journals. Honorary Fellow of Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge. Professor Sir John Cunningham is the lead clinician and scientific advisor for Rightangled Diagnostics.

Alexis holds a BSc(Hons) Llb MBA LLM CChem CSci. Alexis comes to Rightangled as a former founder and MD of INEOS Healthcare which was based on the drug he invented. He raised £73mn, grew it from 3 to over 1,000 people involved working across 23 countries in 250 hospitals before exiting. Alexis managed every aspect of the drug's development from clinical, toxicological, regulatory and marketing strategy to its manufacture an eventual sale. His experience in drug development is further complimented by his international commercial career with Unilever, then ICI and his management of an air ambulance resulting in him launching the UK's first national dedicated children's air ambulance. Alexis comes not only with strong commercial experience but also a strong academic background. He holds an MBA and Master in Law, is published internationally, a key inventor in 10 patents and was recognised by The University of Liverpool for his contribution to science in 2014 when he received the Pott's, Medal. Alexis has also held an honorary senior lecturer position in Clinical Medicine. His current role with the University of Warwick Science Park is helping businesses reach their maximum potentail, and he has been a keen supporter in helping us move forward.

Dr Hamaad graduated from the University of Birmingham in 1999 and has been a consultant cardiologist at Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust since December 2010.

Dr Hamaad has trained extensively, practicing as part of the West Midlands cardiology training programme as well as completing his MD thesis on the effect of heart rate in cardiovascular disease. He has carried out his further specialist training at University Hospital North Staffordshire in cardiac implantable devices, cardiac rhythm management and the investigation and management of syncope.

On account of his interest in research and its importance in progressing medical care, Dr Hamaad has published many scientific papers and book chapters in various subjects within the field of cardiology and presented his research at both national and international conferences. He also holds a clinical excellence award for his development of the cardiology department as well as a number of local patient recognition awards for his outstanding care for patients with heart conditions.

Dr Aftab Gill is a Consultant Cardiologist with a specialist interest in Interventional Cardiology. Dr Gill is sub-specialised in coronary intervention procedures and installing pacemakers and other complex devices. Dr Gill completed his medical degree at Bristol University and began his medical training in the South West of the United Kingdom. During the first years of his medical training, Dr Gill was awarded a prestigious British Heart Foundation Junior Fellowship which allowed him the chance to complete a two-year research post at the Bristol Heart Institute.

Following his Junior Fellowship, Dr Gill returned to his specialist training in Cardiology. Dr Gill was then awarded another prestigious Fellowship opportunity from the Ottawa Heart Institute in Canada. The Interventional Fellowship allowed Dr Gill to spend one year in Ottawa, Canada advancing and honing his skills in performing coronary angioplasties.

In October 2012, Dr Gill returned from Canada to start his Consultant Post at Queen's Hospital. At Queen's Hospital, he is constantly looking to improve the cardiac services that the hospital offers to patients.

Dr Ana Beleza is a locum Clinical Genetics consultant at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr. Ana has reviewed the accuracy of the Heart DNA test reports.

Dr Leema Robert is a Cardiac Consultant Geneticist at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr. Leema has reviewed the accuracy of the Heart DNA test reports.

Hitesh graduated from Coventry University with a BSc in Biomedical science and from the University of Birmingham with a MSc in Immunology and Immunotherapy. Although he is lab shy, he wanted to remain involved in the world of science. Using his passion for writing along with his scientific knowledge, he wishes to promote science and health care in an educational manner to improve quality of life in individuals. He is powered by pizza, in love with football and hungry for more scientific knowledge. He now wishes to help Rightangled Diagnostics deliver the right message and information to the world, in order to achieve improved personalised health care.

I am a recent graduate of Biomedical Science (BMedSc and MSc) and have been teaching A-level Biology for a few years, passing on my enthusiasm to the next generation of scientists. My previous work and publications have been related to microbiology, but I have personally always been interested in genetics, particularly in relation to health and fitness. I have seen first-hand how understanding your own genetics can change your perspective, after taking up running after receiving genetic test results which has helped me to improve my own fitness, reducing my risk of developing various diseases. I am excited to be involved in the development of new products at RightAngled Diagnostics, and to be involved in helping others to understand their genetic profile and how this may impact them in the future.

Our goal is to empower both patients and practitioners. We provide the tool to drive better health management by generating genetic data that benefit clinical decision making.

At Rightangled Diagnostics, we believe that revealing specific information encoded within the DNA helps to close the genetic information gap between practitioners and patients, bringing them together one step closer to a satisfying, safer and more successful treatment regimen.

Through our platform, we want to move away from the traditional "one-size-fits-all" era into the personalised treatment era. We believe that targeted genetic information can help your medical practitioners find interventions and therapies tailored around your unique genes, so that they precisely match up with what your body needs.

We want to remove the constraints around accessing qualified specialists - that is why we link patients to practitioners online, to provide you with access to quality healthcare from the comfort of your home.

Our Approach

Detect Specific Allele Variations From A Saliva Sample

Your saliva sample will be analysed at one of our well established UK partner labs. There we are using cutting edge technology to detect specific gene alterations in order to give you accurately interpreted reports from our qualified partner practitioners. All this offered and delivered to you from the comfort of your home.

Stratify Patients Based on Their Genetic Makeup

We are dedicated to providing a beneficial service to our users, and for that we are providing access to genetic data that practitioners can use to take patients toward preventative and more successful treatment regimen. Our aim is to help patients and alleviate trial and error in drug prescription.

Faster and Safer Route To Tailored Prescriptions

Personalised treatment is an evolving field of medicine, in which medications are tailored to the individual patient. With our Heart DNA test, you can be prescribed a drug that is more suitable to give you a better response and less side effects based on your genetic and lifestyle makeup.

Our Team

We are united by our shared passion to provide compelling and relevant solutions for patients and heathcare practitioners in the field of personalised heathcare.

Abdullah Sabyah

Founder, CEO

Floriane Rousse-Marquet

Co-founder, Creative director

Dr Mitra Forouhan


Tony Seaton

Non Executive Finance Director

Hitesh Shukla

Office Administrator

Jessica Mason

Research Assistant

Our Advisory Board

Professor Sir John Cunningham

Science Advisor

Alexis Toft

Business Advisor

Dr. Ana Beleza

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Leema Robert

Clinical Advisor

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