April 3, 2018

About us

At Rightangled Diagnostics, we believe that unveiling the hidden information encoded within our DNA helps close the gap between practitioner and patent. Armed with this information, everyone is one step closer to a safer and more successful healthcare experience.

We are moving away from the traditional One-size-fits-all solution to medical practice and our platform is at the forefront of personalized treatment. Targeted genetic information can help your doctor find interventions and therapies tailored to your unique genetic identity.

We want to remove the constraints to accessing qualified specialists. We link patients to practitioners online. Providing you with access to quality healthcare from the comfort of your home.

Our Approach

Detect Specific Genetic Variations From Saliva 
Your saliva sample will be analyzed at one of our well established UK partner laboratories. There we use cutting-edge technology to detect specific gene variations to pair with accurately interpreted reports from qualified partner practitioners. All this offered and delivered to you from the comfort of your home.

Tailor Therapy Based on Genetic Makeup
We are dedicated to providing a beneficial service to our users. With access provided to genetic data and reports, practitioners can guide patients toward safer preventative health solutions and a more successful treatment regimen. Adverse reactions and the process of trial and error in drug prescription can be avoided.

Faster and Safer Route To Tailored Prescriptions
Personalised treatment is an evolving field of medicine, in which medications are tailored to the individual patient. With our Heart DNA test, you can be prescribed a drug that is based on your individual genetic make-up and lifestyle. This means it is more likely to give you a better response and result in fewer side effects.

Investors and Alliances

In order to bring the best service to our users, we are always working in collaboration with other members of our healthcare/industry alliance.

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