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Posted 69 Days Ago by Hitesh Shukla

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Posted 107 Days Ago by Hitesh Shukla

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the general term used to describe conditions affecting both the heart and/or blood vessels. There are many types of CVD with the main four consisting of coronary artery disease (CAD), peripheral arterial disease (PAD), stroke and aortic disease. Today, we will discuss CVD in general along with causes, risk factors, how CVD can be prevented and the relationship between genetics and CVD.

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Posted 115 Days Ago by Hitesh Shukla


Did you ever wonder how a simple saliva sample can give you so much information? How can a drop of saliva indicate how long it takes your body to process caffeine? Or perhaps how depositing your saliva sample into a tube can be analysed to give you the likelihood of developing certain inherited conditions? ...the answer is Genotyping and it has certainly become one of our greatest friends over the years.

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Posted 157 Days Ago by Orla Green

Personalised medicine

The field of personalised medicine is at the forefront of healthcare interest, yet this promising medical sector was non-existent beyond 20 years ago.

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