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Posted 69 Days Ago by Hitesh Shukla

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Here at Rightangled, 2017 was a very busy year for the company and 2018 will certainly be no different as we continue to grow and embark on new adventures. In this blog, we decided to share with you some of last year's highlights and to take you through some of the main events that shaped our progress over the past period of time.

So let's begin!

In January, we received an SME fund by the Academic Health Science Network, the innovation adoption arm of the NHS. The investment from the NHS was instrumental to our Research and Development for the Heart DNA test, which we concluded in February and involved scientific research of genetic markers, product market research and working on platform designs. Online platform development, clinical assessment and the scientific critique took part straight after that. 

by mid-March, we had received an invitation to join a trade mission to Texas (US) in conjunction with the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) and the Department of International Trade (DIT). During that mission, we had the opportunity to meet with clinicians, key decision makers at leading hospitals and with executive directors from Group Purchasing Organisations (GPOs).

In early April, Heart DNA Test reports were clinically reviewed by genetic consultants from Guy's and St Thomas’ Hospital.

Trials for the Heart DNA test began in May. This involved testing and analysing the genetic markers that had been selected during the research stages. Following successful trials, we beta-launched the website and our services were live in June

Research and development for the Fitness DNA Test began in July and involved research of genetic markers relating to body response, diet and nutrition and exercise behaviour. On the 9th of August, we received our registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the UK independent regulatory body for all UK healthcare organisations. 

In September, we had received the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) grant through Coventry City Council to be used for current and upcoming research and development. During this month, we had also received our first online sale from the USA.

Our Crowdfunding campaign was launched on the 27th of October to raise Rightangled's first round of investment, other objectives from the campaign were to raise awareness and gain crowd's support to help drive the company forward. Our initial target of £100,000 was set to help build the team and provide a greater budget for our marketing and distribution channels across the UK and the US. After only 30 hours, we exceeded this initial target with over 160 individuals securing their investments. 

November saw the conclusion to a remarkable 28 days into our Crowdfunding journey (4 days before the set date for the campaign to close) reaching our cap of £450,000 with 759 investors on board. Achieving this cap on this round would later enable us to execute two major phases of our business development; international outreach and clinical evaluation. In early December, we were invited to join another trade mission in Taiwan, that was organised by the DIT to explore business opportunities in the area and conduct market research. 

With 2017 behind us, 2018 will see the birth of our Fitness DNA Test which will look at an individual’s genetic profile regarding their dietary information, training schedule and general lifestyle. Information from this test will help our users to understand the function of specific genes in their bodies and how this relates to their nutrient metabolism, exercise responses and their body & weight management as well as to how their fitness is influenced by certain stimuli and how this all impacts their fitness and diet.

So stay tuned :)


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