Changing the status quo

Initially, we wanted to see a change in the way healthcare was delivered to our close family members. Now we want to change the status quo. We believe that the future of healthcare lies in precision medicine coupled with advanced digital tools.

Our goal is to enable the use of medical technologies in everyday life so that we can improve the health and wellness of our clients.


We believe that revealing specific information encoded
within the DNA can help individuals take a step forward towards a personalised
healthy living and have an accurate, safer and more successful treatment and fitness

We believe that:
Genotype + Environment = Phenotype.

Physical characterisitcs are the result of a complex interaction between genes and environmental factors, and to make a sensible and actionable insights from Genetic information, we:

A.    Engage a qualified partner specialist whenever a clinical report is set to be sent out to one of our patients, in order to provide an accurate and actionable interpretation.

B.    Maintainthe highest level of quality and privacy in our service.

C.    Communicate information in an understandable and UI friendly manner to the general public, whilst presenting information that is appropriate for further medical advice.

The need

It all started with a drug complication that Rightangled’ co-founder saw first hand in her family. Floriane's relative was experiencing drug side effects and responding poorly to an anticoagulant drug. The medication was Plavix (Clopidogrel) and the side effects were gum bleeding and bruises. After seeing her relative survive 5 strokes, it was clear that the drug was not working and a personalised treatment regimen was needed.

NHS funding and support

With Abdullah's knowledge about genetics and its influence on the way we respond to drugs, him and Flo decided to make genetic information more readily available. The concept of a new service design was born to enable the use of genetic information within the medical practice, in a seamless, streamlined and affordable way. The project later presented to one of the NSH innovation adoption arms in the West Midlands, and it later received the backing and funding from NHS England.

The facts

The WHO estimates 50% of patients do not take prescribed medications for fear of side effects, patient - physician communication barriers, lack of information and limited healthcare access. Our service removes these factors, helping patients reach their optimal treatment regimen faster and for our partner doctors to have a complete risk profile for their patients that is objective and evidence based. Such profiling is not only based on genetics but also on the patient’s environmental risk factors.

Joined by our passion for health & wellbeing

Board of Directors

Abdullah Sabyah

Chariman and CEO

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