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Accurate interpretation of your DNA results with tailored action plans based on your Environment, Health, Lifestyle, Genetic makeup and YOUR Goals.

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How many reports are covered?
+ Blood clot risk analysis

* Folate metabolism
* Venous Thrombosis
* Risk of Oestrogen supplementation.

+ Cardiovascular risk analysis

* TYPE III Hyperlipoproteinemia
* Atrial Fibrillation
* Coronary Artery Disease
* Hypertension
* Myocardial Infarction
* Peripheral Arterial Disease
* Sickle Cell Anaemia.

+ Heart Medications responses

* Beta Blocker Efficiency
* Beta Blockers and LVEF Response
* Anticoagulants Sensitivity and Metabolism
* Calcium Channel Blockers and QTC Interval
* Calcium Channel Blockers vs Beta Blockers
* Lipids lowering medication Uptake
* ACE inhibitors Metabolism

+ Lipids metabolism

* Triglycerides
* HDL Cholesterol
* LDL Cholesterol
* Gene X (Cholesterol lowering polymorphism).

+ Body & Weight management

* Feeling Full
* Hunger Response
* Energy Metabolism
* Food Pleasure Response
* Appetite and Excess Eating
* Snacking Behaviour
* Sugar Sensitivity
* Insulin to Proinsulin Conversion rate
* Fasting Blood Glucose
* Insulin secretion.
* Insulin Sensitivity

+ Diet & Nutrition

* Fat & Glucose Metabolism
* Caffeine Sensitivity
* Lactose Intolerance
* Alcohol Tolerance
* Vitamin B9/Folate
* Vitamin B12
* Vitamin D
* Vitamin A

+ Exercise Response

* Muscle Growth
* Repair and Recovery
* Muscle Power
* Muscle Endurance
* Predisposition to Achilles Tendinopathy
* Post workout Blood Pressure
* Post workout Cholesterol Levels

Specialist review

Cardiologist assessment
Personal Trainer assessment
8 Weeks Exercise & Diet plans

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Genes + Environment = Physiology.
Your enviroment and genetic information are combined to give
a full picture of your health.


Based on your personal report, practical advice will be given to improve your lifestyle and optimise your fitness or treatment regimen.

Specialised Reviews

Cardiologists and nutrition-qualified personal trainers provide a comprehensive assessment on
your report.


Long term support is provided via our online platform where you can communicate with one of our partner doctors or trainers directly.