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+ Body & Weight management

* Feeling Full
* Hunger Response
* Energy Metabolism
* Food Pleasure Response
* Appetite and Excess Eating
* Snacking Behaviour
* Sugar Sensitivity
* Proinsulin Conversion rate
* Fasting Blood Glucose
* Glucose regulation
* Glucose uptake sensitivity

+ Diet & Nutrition

* Fat & Glucose Metabolism
* Caffeine Sensitivity
* Lactose Intolerance
* Alcohol Tolerance
* Vitamin B9/Folate
* Vitamin B12
* Vitamin D
* Vitamin A

+ Exercise Response

* Muscle Growth
* Repair and Recovery
* Muscle Power
* Muscle Endurance
* Predisposition to Achilles Tendinopathy
* Post workout Blood Pressure
* Post workout Cholesterol Levels

+ Cardiac risk analysis

* TYPE III Hyperlipoproteinemia
* Atrial Fibrillation
* Coronary Artery Disease
* Hypertension
* Myocardial Infarction
* Peripheral Arterial Disease
* Sickle Cell Anaemia.

+ Heart Medications responses

* Beta Blocker Efficiency
* Beta Blockers and LVEF Response
* Anticoagulants Sensitivity and Metabolism
* Calcium Channel Blockers and QTC Interval
* Calcium Channel Blockers vs Beta Blockers
* Lipids lowering medication Uptake
* ACE inhibitors Metabolism

+ Lipids metabolism

* Triglycerides
* HDL Cholesterol
* LDL Cholesterol
* Gene X (Cholesterol lowering polymorphism).

+ Blood clot risk analysis

* Folate metabolism
* Venous Thrombosis
* Risk of Oestrogen supplementation.

Specialist review

Cardiologist assessment
Personal Trainer assessment
8 Weeks Exercise & Diet plans

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