We have made it easy for you to collect your sample and access your genetic health reports in the comfort of your home.

Download the Instructions

Order Your Test

You can order your kit directly from here and we will have it shipped to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can ask for our test at one of our partner practitioners.

Register and Collect Your Sample

Click here to register your kit.

You will need to sign-in and fill up your health profile questionnaire. This will enable our partner cardiologist to provide you with a more informed assessment based on your genetics and current lifestyle.

Once you are done you can follow the instructions inside the box to collect your sample and send it back to us free of charge using the same box.

Get Your Personalised Report

Your saliva sample is analysed by our partner lab where we extract your DNA to generate your unique cardiac genetic profile. Your report is then carefully reviewed and assessed online by one of our partner cardiologists who will provide a tailored recommendation about your cardiac health and suggestions on what to do next.

Talk to Your Medical Practioner

You will be able to book a follow-up appointment with one of our partner consultants, who can further discuss your results and suggest optimal treatment, or interventions to take, such as lifestyle changes to help you prevent potential risks.

If your cardiologist provided you with our test, he/she will also be able to review and access your results online. Alternatively, your personalised report can be printed off your account - so that you can discuss your options with your own practitioner.

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