We're bringing personalised healthcare... to you.

The future of your personal health and fitness is in your DNA. We are now offering you a chance to become a shareholder in Rightangled for as little as £10

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Why Invest in Rightangled?

We've got lots in the works

We’ve been sitting on a mine of highly tailored, valuable data. With the help of AI and Machine Learning we are now moving into a phase in which Rightangled is becoming more than just a DNA testing company....Download the investors deck to find out more!

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Customers love us

With an 'excellent' rating on TrustPilot, CQC certification and NHS accrediation, we're constantly providing value to a range of stakeholders.

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We keep growing

As the market continues to boom we're seeing constant growth with 50% of our sales coming from Q2-Q3 of 2019

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Global Plans

As an established UK provider we're working to secure continued business in the USA, Dubai and Saudi Arabia with talks ongoing in many other countries

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Long term care

Unlike many DNA providers who only sell tests, we provide actionable insights from a range of medical professionals. We're also expanding the scope of our services making personalised AI advise accessible at the touch of your fingers.

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