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In a nut shell...

What is the most accurate DNA test?

A genetic testing company should make provisions for your DNA reports to be reviewed by a specialist, who can decode the interaction between your genes and environment. Having a specialist put this into consideration whilst reviewing your report will ensure you are provided with the best and most accurate interpretation to your Genetic results.

What is the best DNA testing kit?

Genetics alone are not enough to give us a full view of our future health or inner metabolic processes. The environment and our daily lifestyle choices have a big influence on the way our genes are expressed. Hence, the best DNA test is one that can put your DNA profile in the context of your unique environment, whilst providing you with adequate support from qualified specialists.

How much is a DNA testing kit?

DNA test prices vary from a supplier to another. However, the average range goes between £79 to £169.

Who is Rightangled?

Rightangled is a healthcare provider for genetic screening and diagnostic services, registered and regulated under the Care Quality Commission in England. The company was backed and funded by NHS England during its early stage.

Rightangled  provides its DNA testing services through an innovative online platform that connects its users with healthcare and wellness professionals. The company's mission is to personalise healthcare, making precision medicine available and affordable.

How does it work?

Choose the right DNA test for you and have it delivered to your doorstep. Once you receive the kit, you will need to register it by creating an online account. Then just swab your inner cheek and send off your sample to the lab using the pre-paid return package.

Our labs will then extract your DNA and run the DNA analysis. Once the results are ready, we do the interpretation, generate the reports and pass them through quality review by a partner specialist, who will provide an assessment on your test results before releasing the reports with personalised action plans for you to follow.

To view the full process in detail, please visit our How it works page.

What is the story of the company?

Rightangled was founded with the aim of making DNA testing insights actionable in the medical and wellness practices. After a personal experience of adverse drug side effects, co founders Abdullah and Floriane set out to prevent this from happening in the future by personalising patient care.

Following profound results from the Heart DNA Test, the team wanted to expand Rightangled's product range to help more people live longer and healthier, with the focus on prevention and optimisation of care and fitness. This lead to the development of the Fitness DNA Test and Wellness Pro DNA testing kits.

To read more about our journey so far, please visit the About Us page.

How do I talk to someone after receiving my report?

If you need specialised advice, you can book an appointment from your online portal with any of our partner specialists (Cardiologists, General Practitioners and Personal Trainers), you can book the appointment to take place over the phone or in-person, at the partner's facility.

For all general enquiries, you can chat with a member of our support team directly using the chat bot on the bottom right corner of this page.

How are Rightangled DNA Tests different to others on the market?

Other "Direct to Consumer" DNA testing companies provide information based on DNA analysis alone with any added consultation being delivered in a way to further explain the reports only. However, Rightangled, has innovated an online platform (in partnership with NHS England) to connect qualified specialists with users in order to review their genetic reports in light of their unique lifestyle and environmental factors, which are equally important in delivering context on DNA results.

At Rightangled, we understand the importance and value of delivering accurate and valuable insights that take into account all factors influencing the expression of our genes. We thrive to deliver reports with unique action plans that direct our users onto the right path to achieve their optimal health and fitness goals.

How accurate is the DNA test?

To ensure the efficacy of our tests, we have partnered with ISO accredited labs that adhere to high standards of quality assurance and quality controls. Our gene panel list is assayed through a genotyping technology that utilises competitive allele-specific microarray technology, which enables highly accurate bi-allelic scoring of SNPs (99.8% accurate) and indels (insertions and deletions) at specific loci across a wide range of genomic DNA samples, thereby limiting the risk of false-positive and false-negative results. Once this analysis is conducted, the reports are then reviewed by our specialist partners, along with your provided health profile, in order to deliver an accurate assessment for each individual result and to deliver personalised action plans on what you can do next.

How will you use my data in the future?

We take data protection and customers privacy very seriously. Our policy is to NEVER sell or share our users data with any profitable 3rd party organisation. To read the highlights of our privacy policy, please visit our Data Protection page.

To you...

What is included in the DNA kit?

All kits are equipped with an instruction manual, a saliva collection swab and a pre-paid return shipment label for sending the sample back to our labs. Once the results are ready with the specialist's assessments you will have access to your reports from your online portal.

I just took a DNA test with 23andme, can I upload my raw results and access Rightangled reports?

Yes. If you have done your test with 23andme, you can upload your raw results onto our system and receive tailored insights about your health, diet, metabolism, sugar sensitivity, conversion rate, food intolerances, exercise responses, and many more. All reports will come with medical and fitness review from renowned specialists. To upload your results please visit our 23andme dedicated page here.

Can I order to a non-UK address?

Yes, please specify your full address details on checkout and we will arrange for an international courier to deliver and return your sample collection kit.

Can I return my order and get a refund?

To be eligible for a return and refund, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in original packaging. Our refund policy lasts for 14 days.

Can I order more than one kit?

Yes, you can purchase as many kits as you wish. However, you can only register one kit per user.

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in the works for a long time. Drawn up by the EU, it strengthens the data rights of EU residents and harmonises data protection law across all member states, making it identical. It increases the potential fines organisations face for misusing data, and makes it easier for people to discover what information organisations have on them. In essence, it seeks to bring more transparency to people about what data organisations collect about them, and what those organisations use it for, as well as enabling people to prevent unnecessary data collection.

Will my data be stored securely?

Yes. We are the only UK genetic testing company that is regulated by the Care Quality Commission "CQC" and registered with the Information Commissioner's Office "ICO". We are fully compliant with GDPR and all our data is encrypted and secured. Moreover, we never share any data with third parties. For more details regarding our privacy policy please visit our explanatory page, here.

Can I purchase DNA kit as a gift?

You can purchase a test for a relative or friend. They will need to register their kit online and fill out their health profile.

How do I reset my password?

Click the 'Forgotten your login details' link in the login page. Enter your account email address and we will send you password reset instructions.

How do I access my results?

After analysis and review, your results will be available through our website. You must log in into your account to access all your reports.

How do I register my kit?

Once you have received your saliva collection kit, you will need to register its unique barcode number on our website, then create an account with a valid email address. To register your kit, please visit: www.rightangled.co/start

How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed on our website and we'll send the kit to your doorstep by post. You can also collect it at one of our partners’ facilities.

Further info...

What comes with the purchase of the DNA kits?

We provide you with the substantial marketing collateral (info pack, brochures, poster, electronic marketing, Point Of Sale Stand) so you are able to communicate the value of DNA testing to your customers.

I feel like I don’t know enough about pharmacogenomics and how the test works.

We provide you with white papers and literature if you would like an understanding of the science behind our tests.

Will I need to interpret my customers results?

No. A Health Care Professional will be assigned to the patient and will give their assessment in a way that is easy to understand. All the information explaining the reports are found online in our portal with links and references to further information if they want to know more. Furthermore, the patient has the option of booking a follow up appointment online with our partnered HCP if they have any questions related to their report.

How will stocking this kit benefit my pharmacy?

Pharmacy is a changing landscape where there is now more emphasis on providing services rather than purely dispensing prescriptions. Part of this reason is due the decreasing margin to be made in dispensary. Stocking our kit provides you with an attractive margin in the current climate and enables you to have a deeper level of conversation with your patients, increasing patient satisfaction and loyalty. Research by Price Waterhouse Cooper reveals that an increasing number of consumers are willing to pay for aspects of their treatment such as diagnostic and basic tests and interventions if they get value for money alongside convenience and access. Additionally, pharmacogenomics is the future of medication management and prescribing, and by offering this you will give your pharmacy a competitive edge and a point of difference, as well as be a frontier with this technology.

Where does this fit into services I provide in my pharmacy?

Heart DNA
Offer our Heart DNA Test as part of health checks, Medication Usage Reviews or other in-house screening services.

Fitness DNA
This kit can be sold as an adjunct to weight loss services you may provide or as part of a health check.

What are the storage conditions and shelf life?

The kits are compact (20cm x 15cm x 2.2 cm) and has no specific storage conditions. It has a long shelf life of 5 years.

How does the Heart DNA test differ from a regular health check customers can get from their doctor?

Our test looks at genetic markers which are linked with a higher risk to develop certain cardiovascular conditions as well as asking about family history and lifestyle. Patients are informed of risks before they are symptomatic and are empowered with knowledge and an action plan to minimise those risks. Current health checks measure blood glucose, blood pressure and blood cholesterol. Patients are often made aware of their increased cardiovascular risk when they are already showing symptoms.

Which customers should I sell this to?

Heart DNA Test:
Patients with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions and are unstabilised on medications or are about to initiate medication.
Individuals who have a family history of cardiovascular disease
Health enthusiasts who would like to be more informed of their genetic profile.
Fitness DNA Test:
Individuals who want to improve their fitness level and nutritional status
Individuals who want to understand their eating behaviours and lose weight
Individuals who want to understand how their body responds to certain exercises, eating habits and nutrients, including blood sugar.
Individuals who want to learn about their risks associated with injury and obesity.

Further info...

Is the test covered by insurance?

Our inherited thrombophilia testing is covered by Bupa. This diagnostic test enables you to predict an increased risk of venous thrombosis by testing for factor V Leiden, prothrombin G20210A. It also tests the risk of arterial thrombosis by testing homocysteine and folate metabolism, through testing of MTHFR gene as well. If you would like to refer patients to us, please feel free to email us at info@rightangled.co

Where is the evidence base behind the test?

Heart DNA test covers 24 genetic reports that are based on qualified and accepted research, the scientific evidence is based on Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) and on large scale Meta-analysis studies. In addition, all markers and interpretations in our pharmacogenetic tests are based on internationally accepted and recognised guidelines, such as those adopted by the FDA and found on the prescription guidelines for drugs such as Clopidogrel and Warfarin. Moreover, all our reports and interpretations have been reviewed by genetic counsellors from Guy’s and St Thomas' Hospital.

How can Rightangled DNA tests enhance my patients experience?

A positive patient experience is an important goal in its own right including patient adherence to medical advice, better clinical outcomes, improved patient safety practices, and lower utilisation of unnecessary health care services. The evidence on using precision medicine in drug prescription have highlighted increased patient satisfaction and improved drug compliance due to increased confidence by patients in their prescribed treatment. Our test would also help the practice to retain existing patients and improve patient loyalty, as well as attract new patients by offering a competitive advantage represented by our personalised medicine approach.

How can I refer patients to you for the thrombophilia testing?

The inherited thrombophilia screening covered by Bupa, tests for prothrombin 20210 mutation, factor V, and MTHFR genes, which may provide a better informed consent when initiating a patient on Oestrogen Supplementation or for testing of Venous Thrombosis and folate deficiency.
If you would like to refer patients to us, please feel free to email us at info@rightangled.co

How will your solution improve my practice ?

The evidence on using precision medicine in drug prescription has highhlighted increased patient satisfaction and improved drug compliance due to increased confidence of patients in their prescribed treatment. Our test would also help the practice to retain existing patients and improve patient loyalty, as well as attract new patients by offering a competitive advantage represented by our personalised medicine approach. The thrombophilia screening is covered by Bupa. This test determines the patient's genetic profile for Prothrombin 20210, Factor V Leiden and MTHFR genes and evaluates the predisposition to thromboembolism. Heritable thrombophilia is an inherited tendency for venous thrombosis and as you know most people with thrombophilia don't show any symptoms.

How does the test change my clinical decision making?

We do not change your clinical decision making, we support you for a more objective risk assessment combining the patient genetic risk profile and environmental risk factors. We offer your patient access to the full information regarding to the gene tested, the condition, the drug and all the resources used to write the report for a full understanding. Also, patients can book an appointment or a phone call with our partner doctor to follow-up on his/her results

How do you protect patient data?

We only keep data for as long as we need to in order to provide ourservice and/or for as long as we have the patients permission to keep it. Patients data will only be stored within the European Economic Area ("the EEA"). Anonymised data/patient characteristics are kept to assure quality control, improvements and research.
Data security is of great importance to us, and to protect patients data we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure data collected through our site. Steps we take to secure and protect patients data include but are not limited to: data held in a secured database server, protected by a dedicated firewall. All data transfers are secured over 2048 bit SSL in the UK. Not withstanding the security measures that we take, it is important to remember that the transmission of data via the internet may not be completely secure and you are advised to take suitable precautions when transmitting data to us via the Internet.

Where are you selling the kit at the moment?

We are currently working with various pharmacies across the UK, leading private clinics in London and a number of international distributors in the Gulf region.

Where can I access the reports of my patients?

All your patient's accounts are linked to your portal, so you can access any of your patient's results directly form your dashboard.

Where are your analyses made?

At Eurofins labs in Denmark and the US. We also, work with ISO accredited local labs in the UK.

What are your certifications and regulations evidence?

Rightangled is a CQC registered healthcare provider for screening and diagnostic procedures, we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England, and our service has been backed and funded by NHS England. All our partner labs are ISO accredited and engagement follows clearly defined service agreements with all suppliers and logistic partners.

What type of analysis are you using?

Genotyping through bead-chip based microarrays.

Sample will be analysed and assayed through a genotyping technology that utilises competitive allele-specific bead-chip array, which enables highly accurate bi-allelic scoring of SNPs (99.8% accurate) and indels (insertions and deletions) at specific loci across a wide range of genomic DNA samples (snp & indel assay conversion rate 90%). Thereby limiting the risk of false-positive and false-negative results.

Can I do only the test that I want within all the reports that you propose?

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail and we will aim to deliver the service that best suits your needs.

What do you add to my current practice?

Incorporate a new approach to personalised care through a validated and evidence based genetic testing.
We support your clinical decision making by offering your practice a more objective risk assessment for CVD and VTE and a more accurate management of your patients treatment outcomes.

What is the value of Heart DNA test in the primary care setting ?

The emphasis in primary prevention is shifting from high-risk prevention to prevention at any level of CVD risk, with the focus on behavioural risk factors. We offer your practice a more objective risk assessment for CVDs in the aim to reduce it.
Also, we offer the possibility to optimise patient treatment aiming to eliminate side effects and help deliver the most efficient drug to the right patient.

When do I need to refer patients to you for thrombophilia testing ?

Inherited thrombophilia testing can be used for asymptomatic patients with family history, or for a symptomatic patient for DVT or PE or when a high risk of thrombosis is increased, for example during pregnancy, through oestrogen therapy from combined oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy, risk of obesity, fractures and major orthopaedic surgery. This test is covered by Bupa and available for all eligible patients.

How much time do I need to wait before I get my results ?

Once the saliva sample is sent back, the lab proceeds to the analysis and you will get the results in 2 to 4 weeks.

When I will receive the kit after ordering ?

After ordering, you will receive your kits by post in 2 to 3 business days.

At which step of my practice is Heart DNA test helpful?

As a prevention measure to assess the risk of CVD. You can propose Heart DNA test during a risk assessment consultation.

As an adjunct to optimise treatment for patients already on medications.

Which medical team are you working with ?

Rightangled operates out of its HQ at Scrutton Street in London, and has a branch office in Austin, the United states. The company’s board of directors is led by some of the leading cardiologists at St. George’s, University of London and Barts Heart Centre in London as well as world renowned medical consultants from UCL Medical school, the Royal Free and Guys & St. Thomas Hospitals.

 Can I review the Heart DNA Test reports as a GP?

We are currently working with GPs to review patient reportS through our online platform. Via this platform, you will have access to the health profile of your patient (which is the same set of question as QRisk and JBS3) and in addition, the genetic predisposition. We support all our partners with all educational materials to teach them how to review reports.

Which patients will benefit most from the Heart DNA Test?

Our cardiac screening test would be mostly beneficial for patients with a family history of CVD and where anxiety is a key factor. It would also be very useful for patients with existing cardiac conditions and would like to learn more about their conditions and their genetic risk profile of how they developed such conditions. And of course anyone who would like to have a screening test to know more about their heart health and to undertake further physical examinations whenever a high risk is identified. This drug response test is best suited for patients with existing conditions and/or for patients who are about to start medicating, and the practitioner would like to optimise their treatment through personalisation and precisely identify their response to certain drugs beforehand.
Inherited thrombophilia testing can be use for asymptomatic patients with family history or when a high risk of thrombosis is increased, for example for pregnancy, oestrogen therapy from combined oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy, obesity, fractures and major orthopaedic surgery.