Get deeper insight into your cardiac health

Truly take control of your health by learning in advance what genetic predispositions you might be carrying and what conditions or drug responses you are susceptible to develop.

By unwrapping your DNA code you will be able to avoid health complications before they arise, and know how to better prepare for the future.

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Diet & Nutrition

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Drug Response

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Inherited Conditions

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What You Will Get

DNA collection box with sampling material and an instructions manual. The same box is used to return your sample free of charge.

A personalised report listing any genetic predispositions affecting your cardiovascular health.

Online Cardiologist review - all our results are reviewed and assessed by our partner specialists, taking into account your genetics and lifestyle information.

The ability to book a follow-up appointments with our partner consultants if you wish to discuss your results further.

Heart health and genetics related resources to dive deeper into the different aspects of your report.

Why get Heart DNA Test?

This Heart DNA Test is most suitable for:

  • Anyone above the age of 18 who is looking to reduce their risk of developing cardiac conditions and seek advices to prevent these events from happening.
  • Members of a family with a history of cardiac events conditions; having relatives with known cardiac conditions poses a significant indicator that this might be running in the family.
  • Patients experiencing side effects from certain heart medications.
  • Patients who are about to start taking a heart medication and looking to cut through the route of trial and error of finding the right drug and the right dosage suitable for their unique bodies.
  • Patients looking to optimise and personalise their healthcare by gaining vitally important insights encoded within their DNA.
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