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Received your 23andMe reports?
Get some context.

Get access to the Heart and Fitness DNA test reports and have them professionally reviewed by medical and fitness specialists.

+ Receive tailored actionable insights based on your DNA results and your unique lifestyle.

From £ 25 only

Let your DNA and our specialists tell you more...

Medical Assessment

Get a qualified Cardiologist and a General Practitioner to review your Heart Health reports and provide you with a tailored health plan.

Tailored Diet & Fitness

Learn which exercise & diet regime are most optimal for you. Our Qualified Personal Trainers will give an 8 week tailored plan.

Get reports in 2 days

No need for extra swabs. Upload your raw results file and get access to the most comprehensive genetic reporting.

Excellent Service

We pride ourselves in being champions when it comes to delivering the best customer service and aftercare. We are rated Excellent on Trustpilot service review.

How it works

Your Right DNA-based Health,
Diet and Fitness plan

Start taking action today by having qualified specialists review your accurately interpreted reports and advise on ultimate health and fitness plans that work best for you.

Get the Right Support