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When should I take my blood test?

Information on the best time to collect your sample!

Top Tip! Complete your sample collection in the morning, Monday to Friday, and ship your sample to our partnered lab on the same day of collection.


When should I take my sample and do I need to fast? 

  • Take your sample in the morning before breakfast Monday to Friday. 
  • We recommend you fast for eight hours before taking your sample, as this will ensure the best and most precise result to measure your health. This is why we recommend taking your sample in the morning. 
  • It is also essential to ensure you drink plenty of water on the morning of your sample collection. Hydration is the key to an easy sample collection as it really helps to increase your blood flow :) 


When do I send my sample to the lab? 

  • Please send your sample to our partnered lab via postbox on the same day you complete your sample. 
  • If you take your test during the day, please ensure to send it off to the lab via a postbox before the last collection of the day, often this is 5:30 pm. 


If you have any questions about when to take your test, please get in contact via