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The G-Plan

Genetics have a direct impact on physical performance and dietary metabolism. Help your clients achieve faster results through highly personalised training based on accurate scientific data.

Fitness DNA Test boosts your clients confidence by learning about their genetic profile, how their body functions and what will help them achieve their goals. With this personalised information, you can tailor a programme to optimise your clients diet and physical performance.

With our in-depth scientific knowledge and cutting-edge technology allow yourself to stand out from the crowd by offering premium services to your clients, and increase their engagement.

What is Fitness DNA Test?

Fitness DNA Test is an at home saliva swab test which enables you to know exactly what works for your clients.

Get much faster and better results with clients by conditioning their training and nutrition in line with their genetics, lifestyle and personal goals.

Work With Your Client’s DNA

Accelerate your training, create a powerful action plan from the start of your clients journey and make a lasting impact. Take advantage of genetic profiling to develop tailored and effective training methods to achieve quick results

Differentiate Your Service

Revive your clients engagement and trust in their training programme by increasing awareness of their own body. Improve client loyalty and determination by ensuring transformative results and helping complete beginners through to highly trained athletes.

Body and Weight Management

Assess complete body composition, eating behaviour and sugar conversion rates on a genetic level and establish a personalised lifestyle and dietary plan.

Eating Behaviour

Feeling Full

Hunger Response

Energy Metabolism

Food Pleasure Response

Appetite, Excess Eating

Snacking Behaviour

Sugar Sensitivity

Blood Sugar

Proinsulin to Insulin Conversion

Fasting Blood Glucose

Insulin Secretion

Insulin Sensitivity

Exercise Response Test

Prevent injury and increase training accuracy.

Muscles & Tendons

Muscle Growth

Repair and Recovery

Muscle Power

Muscle Endurance

Predisposition to Achilles Tendinopathy


Optimise your clients cardiovascular fitness levels by understanding how their genetics affect their post workout responses in relation to:

Blood Pressure

Cholesterol Levels

Diet and Nutrition

Not everyone gets the same impact from their diet. Personalise your recommendations on lifestyle and diet to individual genotypes and have the support of a greater body of objective evidence.

Dietary Interactions

Fat & Glucose Metabolism

Sensitivities and Intolerances

Caffeine Sensitivity

Lactose Intolerance

Alcohol Tolerance

Vitamin Needs

Vitamin B9/Folate

Vitamin B12

Vitamin D 

Vitamin A

Expand Your Knowledge

Access extensive resources to expand your knowledge and improve your training. As a partner, you will receive your Training Hand Book and will be able to discuss with our clinicians to understand how to build your personalised action plan from the genetic results and health profiles of your client. We also support you with clinical reporting manuals, and a library of references to better understand the science behind our test.

Grow Your Business

All marketing collateral you need will be provided by us. We’ll be there every step of the way and you will have unlimited access to our dedicated science, medical and customer support teams. Give yourself a competitive edge by offering differentiation from Rightangled.

We make life easier for you

Our online platform centralises all of your client’s assessments in one easy to use dashboard. Clients, on the other hand, can access their reports, book appointments and chat with you directly all in one space.

Order your kits from your portal.

Our online platform offers a seamless user experience, enabling you to place bulk orders and have them sent to your facility, or to place individual orders and have them sent directly to your client home address.

Review clients reports from your smartphone!

Our tests can be easily integrated as part of your current services. All your clients results and health profiles will be available on your account and accessible from your smartphone, whenever you need them.

Use our concierge service to chat with your clients.

Reply instantly to your clients questions and enquiries through our newly released concierge service via chat.

Receive appointment booking requests.

We will help you expand your client base. Your profile will be displayed on our partners directory and our users can book appointments with you directly. In addition, your portal will enable you to manage face to face and online consultations (confirm, reschedule and cancel).

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