Another Angle | #3 with Dr. Leen Tannous

April 25, 2020
Natalia Rogiewicz

Welcome to Another Angle podcast by Rightangled!

Our mission is to help our listeners learn how to improve health,  fitness and overall well-being with the help of our guest specialists  from sectors like medicine, nutrition and fitness.

Our guests in episode 3 is a London's NHS General Practitioner who is currently studying for a degree in Functional and Preventive Medicine - Dr. Leen Tannous. She tells us more about her current work in the practise and COVID-19 testing in the NHS.

Time-Stamped notes:

0:39 - Who is Doctor Leen?

2:00 - Being a GP during COVID-19

5:10  - Who can get tested for COVID-19 in the NHS?

6:40 - UK's testing of COVID-19 - how accurate are the offcial numbers?

9:51  - What is the role of Preventative Medicine?

13:10 - Why is Preventative Medicine not very popular in our Healthcare?

15:10 - What is the lesson in the pandemic?

16:35 - What can we, as a society do to help the NHS?

18:12  - Advise from Dr. Leen for staying healthy at home