Another Angle | #4 with Dr. Sohaib Imtiaz

April 25, 2020
Natalia Rogiewicz

Welcome to Another Angle podcast by Rightangled!

Our mission is to help our listeners learn how to improve health,   fitness and overall well-being with the help of our guest specialists   from sectors like medicine, nutrition and fitness.

Our guests in episode 4 is a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, NHS Clinical enterpreneur and Rightangled's partner -  Doctor Sohaib Imtiaz, who tells us about Lifestyle Medicine during the pandemic.

Time-Stamped notes:

00:31  - Who is Doctor Sohaib Imtiaz?

02:35 - What is Lifestyle Medicine?

05:20 - Influence of COVID-19 on our Lifestyle

06:10  - Why is a good sleep important?

08:35 - Dangers of the lockdown

09:30 - Era of Homeworkouts

17:30  - Is Telemedicine the new Medicine?

21:00 - What is the long-term influence of lockdown on people?

21:48 - Tips from Dr. Sohaib on how to keep a good health - Lifestyle Medicine