Full Heart DNA test

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The  Full Heart DNA test includes: 

+ Online medical assessment.



Putting together all our tests in one package, the full Heart DNA Test gives you a thorough and fully comprehensive insight on your cardiac health, accompanied by a full medical assessment from one of our partner cardiologists.

The Heart DNA test covers:


Cardiac Conditions Drug Response Diet & Nutrition
APOE, TYPE III Hyperlipoproteinemia Beta Blockers Caffeine Metabolism
Atrial Fibrillation Beta Blockers and LVEF Folate
Coronary Artery Disease  Clopidogrel Metabolism Triglycerides
Hypertension Verapamil and QTC Interval HDL Cholesterol
Myocardial Infarction Verapamil VS. Atenolol LDL Cholesterol
Peripheral Arterial Disease  Simvastatin Induced Myopathy Gene X (ASGR1 Variant)
Venous Thrombosis Metoprolol Metabolism
Sickle Cell Anaemia  Perindopril
Estrogen Supplementation