You will discover that..

Your genetics and lifestyle contribute towards your chances of developing certain cardiac conditions and exhibiting drug side-effects. Reveal how your heart health is predisposed by your DNA.

You will acquire..

Our team of medics will analyse and interpret your results in light of your self reported health information and will give you a deep understanding of the status of your cardiac health.

Take action by..

Use comprehensive medical reviews to implement tailored lifestyle regimen that works for you, and make necessary interventions to protect and boost your cardiac health.

Be reassured and..

Take control of your future health and wellbeing. Pre-empt yourself from risks and be confident you are on the right path to a healthy heart. Health administers to peace of mind.

Do you have someone with heart disease in your family?

High cholesterol, strokes, heart attacks or diabetes can pass down through your family, If you have a family history of heart disease, you may have a chance of developing similar conditions in the future.

Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

Smoking, excess weight, stress and binge drinking can put you at a higher chance of developing heart disease. Heart DNA Test will identify how your physiology and lifestyle can be altered for a healthier heart.

Do you have the symptoms?

Not all heart problems come with obvious symptoms. If sometimes you experience shortness of breath, pain in the chest, tiredness and palpitations, take the test and prevent future complications.

Living with a Cardiac condition?

Anxiety and worry may magnify when administered drugs do not work. Heart DNA Test will reassure you by letting you know if your current treatment is right for you, and how you can optimise it.

Who will benefit from this DNA test?

Are you a 23andme user?

For £50 Access specialised Rightangled reports focused on your cardiac health, drug responses and receive detailed action plans form a qualified Cardiologist.

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Your Personalised Medical Care

Environmental factors influence your genes and how your DNA is expressed. Hence, implementing targeted behaviour changes into your diet and lifestyle can influence your genetic risk.

Practical Advice

Nutritional advice and dietary changes.

Lifestyle and healthy living advice.

Caffeine tolerance and metabolism.

Practical advice to reduce cholesterol.

Medical Review

Optimisation and personalisation of an existing treatment plan.

Symptoms that may indicate onset of heart disease.

Identify risk factors that cause blood clots.

Signpost for further investigations.

Choose To Be Healthy.

Will I need to go for a full heart screen?

If your results show several worrying signs or areas of potential risk, we would advise that you get a full heart screen. Your private medical cover should pay for this, depending on who you are with. If you use Heart DNA Test from us, you receive a significant discount off the normal cost. Plus, you will get access to our network of world-class experts should you require further investigation or treatment.

Does the test hurt or involve blood?

No. It is pain and blood free. You simply swab the inner side of your cheek, that’s it.

How accurate is the test?

To ensure the efficacy and accuracy of our service, we have partnered with ISO accredited labs that adhere to high standards of quality. Our gene panel list is assayed through a genotyping technology that utilises competitive allele-specific microarray technology, which enables highly accurate bi-allelic scoring of SNPs (99.8% accurate) and indels (insertions and deletions) at specific loci across a wide range of genomic DNA samples (SNP & indel assay conversion rate 90%), thereby limiting the risk of false-positive and false-negative results.

Once the results are processed, they are then reviewed by our specialist partners, along with your provided health profile, in order to provide your with comprehensive context on your results with action plans on what you can do next.

Are you a beginner?

Start off on the right foot.
Get a thorough Genetic test of how your body works and metabolises nutrients, let our specialist personal trainers contruct a tailored and unqiue training and dieting programs for you, in order to help you achieve your goal in getting fit.

Not getting results?

Don’t give up! With this test you can rest assured you are on the right track to success in your diet and exercise regimen. You will receive a tailored personal training and diet plan that suits your needs and fits your genes.

Are you a professional?

You understand how important diet is for your optimum performance. With this test you will you will know what sensitivities, intolerances, vitamins (D;A;B group) you may have deficiencies for and how your body regulates glucose levels.

Are you looking for a..

Comprehensive Health & Fitness DNA test?

Save time and combine! By using this unique DNA test, you will receive full information about your body weight management, exercise responses, diet, nutrition and inherited health risks. You will also have a detailed dietary and exercise plan, which will allow you to reach your wellness goals for a happier and healthier life! All of this in one kit!

Professional Training and Diet Plan?

Our DNA Tests provide you with professional personal trainers plans, as well as direct examples on how to incorporate it in your daily life. Our specialists have undergone thorough certification and experience checks so you can rest assured that your diet and fitness reports are in good hands!

Personalised Medical consultation?

Wellness Pro DNA test enables you to get an insight on how your genes may impact your health and ability to train successfully. By checking your genetic markers we will advise you on beneficial exercise plans, appropriate diets for your fitness goals and health advice related to your predisposed risks as well.

Full Plan

Once the cardiologist, nutritionist and personal trainer have reviewed your reports and tailor made your action plans, you will then have access to your results, your medical assessment and G-plans, all from your dashboard.

Full Cardiologist assessment on your Cardiac Health profile.

Identify risk factors that may affect your cardiac health, Fat storage in arteries or impact the way your metabolise medications.

Practical advice on how to reduce bad cholesterol and avoid unwarranted blood clots.

Lifestyle advice to manage blood sugar levels and avoid diabetes mellitus.

8 week specific diet plan tailored to suite your objectives and based on your innate metabolism.

8 weeks training plan based on your muscle composition and exercise response.

Highlight requirement for vitamin supplements, where necessary.

Weight management plan to avoid obesity and understand how to lose weight fast.

Caffeine, alcohol and lactose tolerances.

Sugar sensitivity and insulin conversion rate.

Be in the know with your DNA profile.

Can you share the results of my test with my GP?

Yes, but only if you give us your permission.

Does the test hurt or involve blood?

No. It is pain and blood free. You simply swab the inner side of your cheek, that’s it.

Can I get the test done on the NHS?

Generally, no. The cost of the test itself needs to be paid for privately. Some private medical insurances will cover the test. Please get in touch for assistance.

Can this test be done on children?

We do not provide the service to under 18.

Perform at your prime.

Receive high quality and comprehensive medical advice from a renowned Cardiologist with diet and training programmes from a specialist Personal Trainer to maximise your health and fitness potential.