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Our base of partner specialists will provide personalised medical, diet and fitness recommendations to keep your workforce healthy and well at work.

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Employees are the nucleus of any organisation, it is your team's morale and health that gives a stimulus to the continuity and profitability of your business.

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels are the leading cause of death worldwide. Therefore the idea of warding off trouble before it arrives is very appealing. An important part of this is knowing the risk and how best to reduce it.

Environmental and lifestyle factors contribute significantly towards the risk of cardiac conditions. However, most cardiovascular diseases arise due to the interaction between genetics, the environment and lifestyle.  We help you to encourage proactive choices from your employees by providing personalised advice and lifestyle choices based on wellness, nutrition, prevention and treatment optimisation specific to each employees’ genetic profile.

We offer bespoke packages

Matching the needs of employees with the organisation's objectives

Drugs Reponses

Lipids Metabolism

Inherited Thrombophilia

Female Wellness

Body & Weight Management

Exercise Response Test

Diet & Nutrition

Medical, Nutrition & Fitness Genetic testing with action plans.

Provide your employees with rich and accurate information about their cardiac health, diet, exercise and weight management.

Employee engagement

Increase workforce engagement and satisfaction through evidence-based health insights that are specific to the employees unique genetic makeup.

Risk management

Genetic insights give you a powerful tool to understand your employees exposure to future health risks and how to avoid and minimise these risks before they arise.

Preventative medicine

Early interventions can be introduced once a genetic risk factor has been identified allowing employees to take preventative action.

Streamlined service

Summary reports and tailored recommendations are delivered directly to the employee's account on our website.

Better health promotion

We create reports facilitating direct communications between managers and employees to reach optimal wellbeing regimens that work for them.

How it works?

1. DNA sample collection

The employee collects their saliva sample from a cheek swab and sends it back to our lab using the same pre-paid packaging.  

2. We generate a genetic report

We generate the reports after analysis by our ISO accredited lab.

3. Specialist assessment

Each report is reviewed by a cardiologist, a nutritionist and a personal trainer, who take into account the employees self-reported health information along with their genetic profile.

5. We build a report for managers

Overview and statistical analysis reports are comprehensive and easy to read, they include a clear summary of key medical insights helping decison makers to take action through tailored programs to raise awareness and improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

4. Follow-up appointment

The employee has the possibility to book a follow-up through our platform to discuss the next steps with a partner specialist. Over the phone, face to face or by online chat.

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