Personalised medication is here through the uprise in understanding of pharmacogenomics.

It’s an exciting time for pharmacies as the range of services provided and conducted expands. Pharmacists now have better tools to give more tailored advice and personalised recommendations to optimise their customer's outcomes.

How we can help

Improve quality

Improve quality of life by giving patients the information they need to help manage their condition whether it’s through avoiding a particular drug, taking the right medication, or making a dietary change.

Uncover nutritional reports

Uncover nutritional reports, how to manage weight and an individual’s exercise responses to allow one to achieve their maximal health.  

Contribute to MURs

Have an in-depth understanding of how the patient is metabolising the drug.


Determine if individuals would benefit from early interventions through their genetic data.

Health & Fitness checks

Offer our tests as part of health checks, Medication Usage Reviews or other in-house screening services.

Our reports

Our reports are assessed by a Health Care Professional putting into context the patient's health, lifestyle and genetic profiles, before the final reports are signed off.

A point of difference

Give your pharmacy a competitive edge and be a point of difference. 

Patient satisfaction

Have a different level of conversation with your patients and increase their satisfaction and loyalty.

Ease of use

To match the needs of your employees and the organisation's objectives:

See FAQ for more information

Simple saliva swab test where the patient sends back in a pre-paid envelope. We take care of everything else - you just simply stock/recommend it.

Our kits are compact and have a 5 year shelf life making it easy for you to store.

We provide you with substantial marketing collateral and materials to understand the science behind our tests. 

We have a dedicated support team to answer all your questions

Have access to our online learning and scientific booklets

Benefit from big discounts on large volume orders

Our policy is Sale or Return

Be a pharmacy distributor

Pharmacy Size

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