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Premature Ejaculation - Rightangled

What is سرعة القذف?

Premature ejaculation is a common sexual health concern that affects men of varying ages. It is characterized by the inability to control ejaculation, leading to early or rapid ejaculation during sexual activity. This condition can impact both the individual and their partner, causing distress and affecting the overall quality of sexual experiences. While premature ejaculation can be frustrating, it's important to know that effective treatments and strategies are available to address this issue.

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Premature ejaculation can have various causes, including:

- Psychological Factors: Anxiety, stress, and performance pressure can contribute to premature ejaculation. Negative emotions and psychological concerns can disrupt the natural timing of ejaculation.

- Biological Factors: Certain biological factors, such as abnormal hormone levels or an oversensitivity of the penis, may play a role in premature ejaculation.

- Relationship Issues: Communication problems, unresolved conflicts, or relationship issues can impact sexual performance and contribute to premature ejaculation.

- Medical Conditions: Certain medical conditions, such as erectile dysfunction or inflammation of the prostate, can influence ejaculation timing.


Diagnosing premature ejaculation involves a comprehensive evaluation by a healthcare professional. The diagnostic process may include:

- Medical History: Discussing sexual health, relationships, and any underlying medical conditions to identify potential causes of premature ejaculation.

- Physical Examination: A physical exam may be conducted to rule out any physical causes or underlying health issues.

- Personal Assessment: Evaluating the individual's perception of their ejaculation control and the impact it has on their sexual experiences and overall well-being.


Effective treatments are available to address premature ejaculation and improve sexual satisfaction:

Behavioral Techniques:
Start-Stop Technique: Pausing sexual activity before reaching the point of ejaculation and then resuming once the urge to ejaculate subsides.

Squeeze Technique: Applying gentle pressure to the base of the penis to reduce arousal and delay ejaculation.

Counseling and Therapy:
Sex Therapy: Working with a qualified therapist to address psychological factors contributing to premature ejaculation and develop coping strategies.


Topical Anesthetics: Creams or sprays containing numbing agents can be applied to the penis to reduce sensitivity and delay ejaculation.

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs): Certain antidepressants, such as sertraline or dapoxetine, may be prescribed to help delay ejaculation.

Combination Therapy: In some cases, a combination of behavioral techniques, therapy, and medications may be recommended for more effective management of premature ejaculation.


While it may not always be possible to prevent premature ejaculation entirely, the following strategies may help improve sexual experiences:

Open Communication: Discussing sexual concerns and preferences with your partner can foster understanding and reduce performance pressure.

Stress Management: Engaging in stress-reduction techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing exercises can help alleviate anxiety related to sexual performance.

Healthy Lifestyle: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and adequate sleep can positively impact sexual health.

Pelvic Floor Exercises: Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles through exercises (Kegels) can enhance ejaculatory control.

Further info

Read more about Premature Ejaculation on NHS website, following the link below:

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Is premature ejaculation a common issue?

Yes, premature ejaculation is a common sexual concern experienced by many men. It is estimated that approximately one in three men may experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. The good news is that effective treatments and strategies are available to address this issue and improve sexual satisfaction.

Can lifestyle changes help with premature ejaculation?

Yes, certain lifestyle changes can contribute to better ejaculatory control and overall sexual health. Engaging in regular physical activity, maintaining a balanced diet, managing stress, and avoiding excessive alcohol or drug use can positively impact sexual performance. Additionally, practicing relaxation techniques and open communication with your partner can help reduce anxiety associated with premature ejaculation.

How long is considered "premature" ejaculation?

The definition of premature ejaculation is not solely based on a specific time frame. It is often described as ejaculation that occurs before the individual or their partner desires during sexual activity. However, on average, ejaculating within one to three minutes of penetration is often considered a potential indicator of premature ejaculation. It's important to remember that individual preferences and experiences vary, and the focus should be on improving sexual satisfaction for both partners.

Are there any side effects associated with medications for premature ejaculation?

Medications used to treat premature ejaculation, such as topical anesthetics or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), may have potential side effects. Common side effects of topical anesthetics can include temporary numbness or reduced sensation. SSRIs, which are commonly used off-label for their delayed ejaculation effects, may have side effects like nausea, dizziness, or changes in mood. It's essential to discuss potential side effects and benefits with a healthcare provider before starting any medication.

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