We give you insights into your DNA to help you be healthier

Our tests help you uncover how your genetics and lifestyle are impacting your health, and we simply help you take action.

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An accurate interpretation of your genetics

Reviewed by doctors

Our reports are reviewed by our partner doctors, who provide a full assessment based on your genetic and health profile. 

Simple and actionable

Our content rich reports help you understand the basis for each test with clear steps towards a healthier you. 


We take into consideration how your lifestyle influences your genes, as we know that DNA alone is not enough to draw a full picture of you. 


We provide professional end to end support to make sure all your questions are answered after you received your results.

How it works

4 simple steps

1. Collect your saliva

We will send the kit to your doorstep. Once received, register it online and collect your sample using the equipment provided.

2. Post package

You can send your sample back to us by using the same box it came in. International orders will require courier collection.

3. View reports online

We will analyse your sample, generate your genetic reports and have them reviewed by one of our partner doctors. Once ready, you will view them from your account.

4. Get a consultation

Follow-up with our partner consultants to further discuss your results. Alternatively, a printable summary is available to take to your own doctor.

We provide an end to end online support service

  • Personalised online report

    Listing any genetic predispositions affecting your health with actionable insights.

  • Professional online assessement

    You are automatically assigned with one of our selected doctors that will review your results.

  • Follow-up appointment

    You have the ability to book an appointemnt with your assigned doctor to discuss your next steps.

  • Learning hub

    Resources to learn about health and genetics in order to dive deeper into the different aspects of your reports.

Reviews on Trustpilot

We are rated Excellent (9.6 out of 10) on Trustpilot

Service was very easy to use and provides good value for money. The doctor's assessment once results were in was pretty comprehensive and easy to understand. I highly recommend their service.

Guillaume F.
United Kingdom

Leaders in genetic testing. This is the only place I would trust for genetic testing. My family and I have ordered kits in order to ensure a bright and healthy future.

Nicholas Tenhue
   New Zealand

Excellent - much better aftercare than others that just send you back some results that mean very little to the uninitiated (like myself!)

Matthew Tulett

Quality company with great offer. Really useful Insight from tests provided and at a sensible price.

Nige Arty
United Kingdom

Excellent service, thorough and highly sophisticated reports. The cardiologist's comments were very specific and personal. They tapped onto my lifestyle information and were combined with my DNA results, whcih was magnificent! Quite eye opening as well!!

Sally Michaels
United Kingdom

Technology of the future in the present.



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Your privacy is our priority.

CQC and ICO registered. Fully compliant with GDPR and all data is encrypted.

Your privacy is our priority.

We are CQC and ICO registered. Fully compliant with GDPR and all our data is securely encrypted.

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