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Specialised Cardiac, Fitness and Nutrition DNA Tests.
Our Cardiologists, Doctors and Personal Trainers will tell you more..

Rightangled Best DNA Tests:

Fitness DNA
Heart DNA
Wellness Pro
Women Wellness


How many reports are covered?

Specialist review

Cardiologist assessment
Personal Trainer assessment
Tailored Exercise & Diet plans


Woman Wellness


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Fitness DNA test


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Heart DNA Test


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Wellness Pro


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How it works?

Collect your saliva

The kit will be sent directly to your doorstep. Register the kit online and swab the inner side of your cheek. Send your swab back for free.

collect salive sample

DNA analysis in our lab

Our ISO accredited labs will extract your DNA from the saliva sample and analyse it to identify your unique genetic profile.

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The G-Plan

You will receive a tailored health, diet, exercise and lifestyle action plan. The reports will come with personalised medical assessment and 8 weeks tailored training and diet programs. All based on your environment and Genetic profile.

Diet and nutrition

Long term aftercare

With your reports, you will have full access to our online support platform for booking follow up appointments with our partner specialists.

long term aftercare

Cardiologist and a personal trainer assessment

Your genetic reports will undergo a thorough cardiologist and personal trainer assessments. The assessment will take into account your health, lifestyle and genetic profiles.

medical consultation

Access Medical and Fitness Support

Learn how personalised medical and training plans can make a positive impact on your health and wellness.

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I recently  took my heart DNA test and I had a very positive experience with this company who are professional and provide excellent service with support and access to medical and health specialists.

United Kingdom

Get better answers.


Appointment Consultation

Book an online appointment with a specialist professional near your location.


Specialist Concierge

Online chat with a medical or nutrition and fitness specialist at any time, at any place.


24/7 Resources 

Access educational tools to understand Genomics. Our support team will also be available to answer all your questions.

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Specialised DNA tests

Whether it's the Heart, Fitness or Diet & Nutrition DNA test, or the Full Wellness Package. Your results will always be reviewed by specialists.

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Professional and friendly service providing a quite useful report. Highly recommended.


Wonderful service and very interesting results. Recommended. 

Richard B.
United Kingdom

Leaders in genetic testing
This is the only place I would trust for genetic testing. My family and I have ordered kits in order to ensure a bright and healthy future. Useful

Nicolas T.
New Zealand

Excellent - much better aftercare than others that just send you back some results that mean very little to the uninitiated (like myself!) 

Matthew T.
United Kingdom

Why take a Rightangled DNA test?

Knowledge is very important when it comes to medicine, health, diet and fitness.

Having a Doctors and Level 3 Personal trainers guiding you in how you can work with your DNA rather than against it can help you make smarter choices in your daily life.

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Care for your family

We have developed a platform where you can connect with specialsits and receive accurate advice on all matter relating to you and your family's health and wellness.

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Care for yourself

Know yourself on a cellular level, and have the full confidence in making daily choices that will help you achieve quicker, safer and better outcomes that matches your body's needs.

Private Medical Insurance

You can now get our Women Wellness DNA test covered by sending a referral letter from your consultant.

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