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Intolerance DNA Test kit



Food intolerances and sensitivities
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Fitness DNA test kit

Fitness & Diet


Exercise, Diet and Nutrition
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Heart DNA Test kit

Heart Health


Cardiac Health
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Full DNA test for Cardio Fitness
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Rated Excellent.

9.1 out of 10 rating on Trustpilot


The company delivers what it promises in a user-friendly way as well as providing the sources for the different medical statement it makes.

United Kingdom

I learnt much more than I anticipated... The information is not only suitable for professional athletes, but for anyone looking to improve their overall health and fitness.

Mrs M Kelham
United Kingdom

I recently  took my heart DNA test and I had a very positive experience with this company who are professional and provide excellent service with support and access to medical and health specialists.

United Kingdom

Leaders in genetic testing. This is the only place I would trust for genetic testing. My family and I have ordered kits in order to ensure a bright and healthy future. 

Nicolas T.
New Zealand

Excellent - much better aftercare than others that just send you back some results that mean very little to the uninitiated (like myself!) 

Matthew T.
United Kingdom

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Decode your genes in 3 steps

1. Collect your saliva sample.

DNA collection

Get your kit delivered to your doorstep, register it online and answer the questionnaire detailing your objectives. Once that's done, collect your saliva swab and send it off to our labs for free using the prepaid package.

2. Receive your DNA-based plan

DNA based plan

Qualified medical and personal training specialists will be reviewing your results and tailoring the plans based on your Genes, your unique environment and based on your own personal health and fitness goals.

3. Book a follow up appointment

book an appointment

Follow the plan for optimal results. Book an appointment with our specialists if needed. From your portal you will have access to book appointments with any of our cardiologists, General Practitioners s and personal trainers.

How it works

100% Money Back Guarantee

We won't be happy unless you are happy. Get your kit, do your test and receive your reports. If anything in our service doesn't meet your expectations, let us know and we will refund you your money back.

* T&Cs apply.

DNA test analysis

Have the Right support.

medical and fitness assessment

Specialists review and action plans

Whether it's the Heart, Fitness, or the Full Wellness Pro package. Your results will always be reviewed by qualified Medical and Personal Training specialists, and will come with tailored action plans for YOU.

talk to the doctor

Appointment Consultation

Follow up on your results and book in person or online appointment with one of our partner specialists. From your dashboard, you can view a list of Rightangled specialists near your location.

scientific resources


Access educational tools to understand the science behind our tests, the mechanism of action of all tested DNA glitches and much more.

24/7 support

24/7 Support

Online chat with one of our support team members who will be able to answer any of your questions, at any time! Customer support is available 24/7.

World Class Science

Knowledge is key when it comes to health, fitness, wellbeing and medicine. Take a glimpse of our knowledge base below.

Research and Development
DNA test analysis

Our tests are delivered through an innovative online platform connecting users with specialists.

Rightangled has devised a service design that puts its users first. A service that delivers valuable and actionable insights based on accurate DNA testing results and on sound medical and fitness advice. Rightangled’s state of art clinical research was delivered in partnership with its stakeholders from NHS England and with world renowned Geneticists from Guy's & St Thomas Hospital in London.

Family care

Care for yourself and your family.

We have developed a platform where you can connect with specialsits and receive accurate advice on all matter relating to you and your family's health and wellness.

lose weight fast

Feel well, Lose weight and Get fit.

Know yourself on a cellular level, and have the full confidence in making daily choices that will help you achieve quicker, safer and better outcomes that matches your body's needs.

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Connect your raw results and get personalised health, diet and fitness reports with professional action plans from qualified Cardiologists and Personal Trainers.

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In a nut shell...

Who is Rightangled?

Rightangled is an international healthcare provider for genetic screening and diagnostic services, registered and regulated under the Care Quality Commission in England. The company was backed and funded by NHS England during its early stage.

Rightangled  provides its DNA testing services through an innovative online platform that connects its users with healthcare and wellness professionals. The company's mission is to personalise healthcare, making precision medicine available and affordable.

How does it work?

Choose the right DNA test for you and have it delivered to your doorstep. Once you receive the kit, you will need to register it by creating an online account. Then just swab your inner cheek and send off your sample to the lab using the pre-paid return package.

Our labs will then extract your DNA and run the DNA analysis. Once the results are ready, we do the interpretation, generate the reports and pass them through quality review by a partner specialist, who will provide an assessment on your test results before releasing the reports with personalised action plans for you to follow.

To view the full process in detail, please visit our How it works page.

What is the story of the company?

Rightangled was founded with the aim of making DNA testing insights actionable in the medical and wellness practices. After a personal experience of adverse drug side effects, co founders Abdullah and Floriane set out to prevent this from happening in the future by personalising patient care.

Following profound results from the Heart DNA Test, the team wanted to expand Rightangled's product range to help more people live longer and healthier, with the focus on prevention and optimisation of care and fitness. This lead to the development of the Fitness DNA Test and Wellness Pro DNA testing kits.

To read more about our journey so far, please visit the About Us page.

How do I talk to someone after receiving my report?

If you need specialised advice, you can book an appointment from your online portal with any of our partner specialists (Cardiologists, General Practitioners and Personal Trainers), you can book the appointment to take place over the phone or in-person, at the partner's facility.

For all general enquiries, you can chat with a member of our support team directly using the chat bot on the bottom right corner of this page.

How are Rightangled DNA Tests different to others on the market?

Other "Direct to Consumer" DNA testing companies provide information based on DNA analysis alone, any added consultation is delivered in a way to further explain the reports only. However, Rightangled, has innovated an online platform (in partnership with NHS England) to connect qualified specialists with users in order to review their genetic reports in light of their unique lifestyle and environmental factors, which are equally important in delivering context on DNA results.

At Rightangled, we understand the importance and value of delivering accurate and valuable insights that take into account all factors influencing the expression of our genes, and we thrive to deliver reports with action plans that can further direct our users in the right way to achieve their optimal health and fitness goals.

How accurate is the DNA test?

To ensure the efficacy of our tests, we have partnered with ISO accredited labs that adhere to high standards of quality assurance and quality controls. Our gene panel list is assayed through a genotyping technology that utilises competitive allele-specific microarray technology, which enables highly accurate bi-allelic scoring of SNPs (99.8% accurate) and indels (insertions and deletions) at specific loci across a wide range of genomic DNA samples, thereby limiting the risk of false-positive and false-negative results. Once this analysis is conducted, the reports are then reviewed by our specialist partners, along with your provided health profile, in order to deliver an accurate assessment for each individual result and to deliver personalised action plans on what you can do next.

How will you use my data in the future?

We take data protection and customers privacy very seriously. Our policy is to NEVER sell or share our users data with any profitable 3rd party organisation. To read the highlights of our privacy policy, please visit our Data Protection page.

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