The Team

  • Abdullah Sabyah

    A scientist-entrepreneur and the CQC registered manager of Rightangled. He is a member of the British Heart Foundation Alliance, the Clinical Pharmacogenomics Implementation Consortium in the US, and the inventor of a patented technology for nucleic acid testing on a lateral flow assay.

    Chairman and CEO
  • Professor Sir John Cunningham

    Lead Scientific Advisor, frontline NHS clinician at The Royal Free Hospital and Professor of Nephrology at UCL Medical School. An active researcher with over I00 papers published in peer reviewed journals. Honorary Fellow of Trinity Hall at University of Cambridge.

    Non-Executive Director
  • Dr Sibtain Anwar

    Senior Lecturer and Consultant in the Department of Perioperative Medicine at the Barts Heart Centre, Europe’s largest cardiovascular institution. He also sits on the Pain Medicine Council at the Royal Society of Medicine. He completed clinical training at Imperial College London, while also pursuing his research interests as an Honorary Fellow of the Academic Cardiology Unit at The National Heart and Lung Institute.

    Non-Executive Director
  • Mr Anas Abuyazid

    A seasoned banker with Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) interest. A believer in sustainability. An angel investor across multiple sectors and jurisdictions.

    Corporate Governance
  • Mr Saad Rudda

    SI Pharmacist at Wegoss Pharmacy, Saad has over 10 years of experience as a clinical pharmacist and independent prescriber working a variety of different settings; this includes large community pharmacies and GP practices. Saad has a special interest in clinical pharmacy and prides himself on ensuring his team delivers exceptional customer care at all times.

    GPHC Number: 2085892

    Superintendent Pharmacist
  • Dr Sohaib Imtiaz

    Dr Sohaib Imtiaz is a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Doctor and NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow. Sohaib believes in the future of health as technology and lifestyle modifications facilitated through behaviour change. 

    GMC number: 7563446

    Clinical lead

Clinical team

Our Story

The need rightangled

Where it all started

It all started with a drug complication that a relative of Rightangled Co-founder (Floriane) was experiencing. The medication was Plavix (Clopidogrel) and the side effects were gum bleeding and bruises. After seeing her relative survive 5 strokes, it was clear that the drug was not working and a personalised (tailored) treatment regimen was needed.

nhs funding rightangled

NHS Funding

With Abdullah's knowledge about genetics and it's influence on the way people respond to drugs, him and Flo decided to make genetic information more available. Then, the concept of a new service design was born to enable the use of genetic information within the medical practice. The project later received the approval and funding from NHS England, through one of it's innovation adoption arms (the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network).
They both wanted to see a change in the way healthcare was delivered to one of their close family members, now the team at Rightangled wants to change the status quo.

heart DNA test rightangled

Launch of Heart DNA Test

Our Heart DNA testing service was launched in mid 2017 and ever since, it has been helping private practices around the UK and abroad to remove patient-physician communication barriers, helping patients minimise their cardiac risks and reach their optimal treatment regimen faster. In the same way, Rightangled's platform has been assisting doctors to have an easy access to the complete risk profile of their patients, that is specific and evidence-based.

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fitness diet DNA test rightangled

Fitness + Diet DNA Test Launch

In early 2019, we fully launched our second specialised genetic testing service that tapped into the fitness and wellbeing markets. The new testing service expanded Rightangled's transatlantic operations with a second branch that later opened in Austin, Texas.

Go to the Fitness + Diet DNA Test
covid pcr test rightangled

COVID PCR Test Launch

In early 2020, the world went into a standstill with the COVID-19 pandemic. Rightangled was one of the very early responders to launch an at-home PCR test. The service was launched on the 21st of March 2020, and we were later listed as one of few UK government approved providers for testing international travellers arriving into the UK.

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online pharmacy rightangled

RAx Launch

We’re working with our partner healthcare professionals on the launch of our own online pharmacy, complimenting our personalised genetic testing service with an online prescription operation. It will help and facilitate the delivery of private (and later NHS) prescriptions to people's doorsteps.

dna rightangled
rightangled team
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rightangled team


Genes and environmental factors have a complex interaction, which physical characteristics, attributes and medical conditions are a result of. To make a sensible insight and an informed treatment plan, we must first decode these causative factors.

We believe that:

Genotype + Environment = Phenotype.

To decode this simple equation, we:

A.    Engage a qualified partner specialist whenever a clinical report is set to be sent out to one of our patients, in order to provide an accurate and actionable interpretation.

B.    Maintain the highest level of quality and privacy in our service. Rightangled is a healthcare provider registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), registration number is 1-4011769845.

C.    Communicate information in an understandable and UI friendly manner to the general public, whilst presenting information that is appropriate for further medical advice

Rightangled Limited

  • GPHC Registered Pharmacy

    Premises at 32 Galena Road, London W6 0LT

    Gphc Registeration number: 9011933

    Gphc Listing
  • CQC Registered Healthcare Provider

    Site at 32 Galena Road, London W6 0LT

    Provider ID: 1-401176984

    CQC Listing (Rated Good)