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RAx = Dx + Rx

Rightangledx or "RAx" is a new kind of healthcare service.

Your treatment will be personalised to you through Genetic Screening & Blood Diagnostics (Dx) with our new Online Prescription Services (Rx) to give you the best treatment regime that matches your genetic makeup. Rx has been reviewed and risk assessed by qualified doctors & independent prescribers.

The service is fully digital and its' delivery to your doorstep is within 4 hours in London, or next day nationwide.

Learn how RAx works

Online pharmacy

Discrete and confidential pharmacy service delivered to your doorstep. Find below the list of conditions and medications we offer to help you get on with your day, without the hassle of having to go to your local pharmacy, stand in the queue or needing to speak to your GP to get your private prescriptions.

Prescriptions included

At-home screening and diagnostics

All our tests can be done at home. You will receive a fully contained kit to collect your sample and send to the lab. Reports are then returned with lab results and context/review from our qualified medical doctors to help you take appropriate action and personalise your healthcare.

Medical assessments included