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Corporate health

Personalised DNA and Blood testing plans designed to keep your workforce healthy and well at work.

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We offer bespoke packages

Matching the needs of employees with the organisation's objectives

✔️Cardiac Genetic and Blood tests

✔️Diet and Nutrition DNA & Blood tests

✔️Exercise and Fitness DNA & Blood tests

✔️A wide range of routine blood health checks

Benefits for your employees

  • Medical, Nutrition & Fitness Genetic testing with action plans

    Provide your employees with rich and accurate information about their cardiovascular health, diet, exercise and weight management.

  • Employee engagement

    Increase workforce engagement and satisfaction through evidence-based health insights that are specific to the employees unique genetic makeup.

  • Risk management

    Genetic insights give you a powerful tool to understand your employees exposure to future health risks and how to avoid and minimise these risks before they arise.

  • Preventative medicine

    Early interventions can be introduced once a genetic risk factor has been identified allowing employees to take preventative action.

  • Streamlined service

    Summary reports and tailored recommendations are delivered directly to the employee's account on our website.

  • Better health promotion

    We create reports facilitating direct communications between our health experts and employees to reach optimal wellbeing regimes that work for them.

How it works

  • 1. Sample collection

  • 2. Lab analysis and report

  • 3. Specialist assessment

  • 4. Follow-up appointment

  • 5. Population level report

The employee collects their blood or swab sample and sends it back to our lab using the provided pre-paid return envelope.

We generate detailed reports after analysis by our ISO accredited labs.

Each report is reviewed by a physician, a nutritionist or a personal trainer, who take into account the employees self-reported health information along with their test results.

The employee has the possibility to book a follow-up appointment through our platform to discuss the next steps with an assigned partner specialist.

Anonymised statistical analysis is delivered to department managers with comprehensive summary of the risks relating to the workforce overall health. These include expert medical insights that help support your wider wellbeing programmes.

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DNA is baffling. We've got answers.

Is the test covered by insurance?

Our inherited thrombophilia testing is covered by Bupa. This diagnostic test enables you to predict an increased risk of venous thrombosis by testing for factor V Leiden, prothrombin G20210A. It also tests the risk of arterial thrombosis by testing homocysteine and folate metabolism, through testing of MTHFR gene as well. 

What’s the evidence behind the DNA tests?

Our Heart DNA test covers 24 genetic reports that are based on qualified and accepted research, the scientific evidence is based on Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) and on large scale Meta-analysis studies. In addition, all markers and interpretations in our pharmacogenetic tests are based on internationally accepted and recognised guidelines, such as those adopted by the FDA and found on the prescription guidelines for anticoagulant drugs. Lastly, all our reports and interpretations have been reviewed by genetic counsellors from Guy’s and St Thomas' Hospital.

What type of analysis are you using?

Our genotyping is done through bead-chip based microarrays. We will analyse your sample through a genotyping technology that utilises competitive allele-specific bead-chip array, which enables highly accurate bi-allelic scoring of SNPs (99.8% accurate) and indels (insertions and deletions) at specific loci across a wide range of genomic DNA samples (SNP and indel assay conversion rate 90%). This way we limit the risk of false-positive and false-negative results.

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