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Start your personalised medicine journey with a genetic test to determine your body's response to medications.


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Receive a prescription from one of our UK qualified doctors and independent prescribers that will match your treatment regime to your genetic makeup.
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Personalised medicine is here

It is no longer a theory or a text script, nor just an ambition by healthcare providers to achieve "one day".

RAx is a new service design in healthcare that aims to bring personalised treatments and healthcare experiences through pharmacogenetic testing to patients and their clinicans.

Access Rightangled's published literature review on "Genetic Markers Conferring Impaired Response to Cardiovascular Drugs".

How it works

The RAx experience

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1. Have your genes tested

Take a small cheek swab at home using our DNA collection kit and send it off to the lab for analysis.

Our pharmacogenetic panel is exclusive to heart medications and is currently part of the Heart DNA Test.

When registering your kit, please ensure to fill in your medical history questionnaire, detailing any medications you are taking or any side effects you are currently experiencing.

* An expanded pharmacogenetic panel covering a wider range of drug responses will be launched soon, stay tuned!

Order your heart DNA test
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2. Receive a tailored medical assessment & prescription

Our medical doctors and independent prescribers will review your genetic reports and examine your medical case based on your provided self-reported questionnaire.

Context on test results will be provided with lifestyle advice. If your treatment needs to be personalised, based on insights from your DNA reports, your assigned doctor will be able to sign off a new prescription for you.

Why RAx?

  • More personal care

    Have confidence in the treatment plan that you are prescribed

  • Prevent unwarranted side effects

    Safeguard treatment plans with more informed clinical decision-making


How could a DNA test personalise my treatment plan?

The active ingredients in all medications are normally metabolised by proteins in our bodies - which are made and structured by our genetic code.

Any glitch in our DNA can impact the protein, which would ultimately impact its' ability to metabolise the drug in your system, warranting side effects which are normally found in the drug label and leaflet.

Personalised medicine removes that uncertainty around the individual taking that medication and gives more insight for their clinician to make an informed decision around the treatment plan they wish to prescribe their patient with.

Can I share my genetic reports with my own physician for follow-up treatment?

Yes you can. A pdf summary will be available with your results online for you to download.

Registered under the CQC & GPHC

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