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Our life is advancing day by day. From the beginning of the human race until now, man has always been looking into the mysteries of the nature surrounding him. Due to these efforts, man can now replace someone’s heart with another heart by the use of sophisticated technologies. Isn’t it marvellous?

Health-tech, or simply digital health, is the advancement in modern medicine. It uses technology to improve patient care and health facilities, along with increasing the development and commercialisation of medicinal products. From an ECG machine to modern ultrasonic equipment, every tech you find in a hospital comes under the field of digital health.

If you want a proper definition describing health tech, it is quite cumbersome as this sector has an endless list of possible uses of modern tech ranging from simple diagnostic devices to complex robots used in long surgeries.

The Increasing Trend of Health-tech

The health sector funding has grown 200% since 2015 which was valued at approximately 7.2 trillion $ in the United States alone. So you can clearly imagine how speedily health sector is grooming. The reason behind this increase in funding lies in the fact that technology is advancing day by day and this is necessary to meet the health needs of patients.

The New Wave in Health-tech

You might be wondering that tech can only be used in diagnosing or treating certain ailments. This certainly is true but not completely because now you are going to find digitally in services provided to patients. There was a time when patients needed to come to the hospital for check-ups. Now, you can easily make an appointment with the doctor on the website with just a single click. Moreover, your doctor can prescribe you drugs digitally and you can easily use this prescription for buying drugs.

Digitalisation of Services

In the coming years, you would not need to go to the hospital for checkups. Even home kits have been developed for the ease of patient that can efficiently provide test reports at home within minutes. To quote an example, pregnancy strips are available in the market that can easily be used to know about pregnancy.



To conclude, Health-tech is an enviable position as an industry because of the ever-growing chart of the promises regarding patient services and ease. This sector is still young and is advancing more and more to benefit the public for which it has been designed to achieve.

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