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You might be wondering why every living being in this world is different from one another. Why can’t any single being be identical to the other? For explaining all of this, we need to dive into the cellular level and elaborate on DNA.

What is DNA?

DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic Acid, is a long molecule of nucleotides that contains a unique and complete genetic code of the living being.1It is somewhat like a recipe book for making complete body.

Ok, got it-But how does a tiny DNA make a complete human being?

All of the genetic information present in the DNA is translated into molecules called proteins. These proteins are involved in making our bodies as well as performing all the necessary functions. But how can proteins be formed by using DNA’s genetic code?  DNA is first transcribed into another molecular structure called RNA (ribonucleic acid). RNA is then acted upon by protein-manufacturing machinery called ribosomes.

These proteins then make up our body, along with performing all the vital functions.

DNA as the building block of everything

Every living body is made up of cells. Cells are further made up of proteins and the proteins are formed by DNA. To put it in a nutshell, DNA forms every essential component of our bodies.

Furthermore, DNA also sustains life by continually producing protein throughout life.

What makes your DNA unique?

Every person possesses DNA that is unique to him or her. DNA is made up of nucleotides arranged in a sequential fashion. These nucleotide sequences vary from person to person and thus lead to differences in the type of protein production within the body.

How DNA damage affects your life?

Having said that, DNA is the mastermind of everything, DNA damage can ensue by multiple things. Radiations, certain drugs, or other environmental factors can mutate the DNA. If the mutations are very much, death occurs. Even if a person doesn’t die, he or she suffers from several serious diseases and ailment such as cancers, etc. that remain lifelong.

The Bottom Line

DNA is the basic genetic code of life. All of the living things you see in your surroundings owe to DNA. It is pivotal to our health, nourishment, growth, reproduction, and every function you can think of. DNA mutations can contribute to the development of deadly diseases. However, it is also considered that certain mutations also can be beneficial, contributing to the diversity among the species.

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