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Migraitan Tablets 50mg

Bristol Laboratories

Migraine symptom relief

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    Migraitan Tablets 50mg - Rightangled

    Quick view Summary

    • Type of medicine

      Migraine Relief Medication

    • Effective within

      Usually within 30 minutes to 2 hours

    • Works by

      Constricting blood vessels and reducing inflammation in the brain

    • Active ingredient

      Sumatriptan (50mg)

    • Strength

      50mg per tablet

    • Common side effects

      Nausea, dizziness, fatigue, flushing, muscle weakness

    • Generic


    • Use with alcohol

      Avoid consuming alcohol while taking this medication

    Migraitan Tablets 50mg


    Migraitan is a medicinal product used to relieve the symptoms of migraines and headaches. It contains the active ingredient sumatriptan, which is a type of medication known as a triptan. Triptans work by narrowing blood vessels around the brain and blocking pain signals from being sent to the brain.

    Migraitan is taken orally as soon as a migraine headache starts, and it can provide rapid relief from pain and other symptoms, such as nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. It is an effective treatment for migraines, and it can help improve the quality of life for people who suffer from frequent migraines.

    It is important to note that Migraitan is not suitable for everyone, and it should not be taken to treat other types of headaches or for any other reason than migraines. A doctor should be consulted to determine whether Migraitan is the right treatment option for you and to discuss any potential risks and side effects.

    In conclusion, Migraitan offers a fast and effective solution for those who suffer from migraines and headaches, helping them get back to their daily activities quickly and without discomfort.


    To ensure the safe and optimal use of Migraitan Tablets 50mg, follow these directions:
    Take one tablet as soon as you experience the onset of a migraine attack.
    Swallow the tablet whole with water.
    Do not exceed the recommended dose of one tablet per 24-hour period.
    If migraine symptoms persist or worsen, consult a healthcare professional.


    Each Migraitan Tablet 50mg contains the active ingredient Sumatriptan, a clinically proven compound that targets the blood vessels in the brain, reducing their dilation and helping to alleviate migraine symptoms. Sumatriptan is a well-established medication for migraine relief.

    Side effects

    While Migraitan Tablets 50mg are generally well-tolerated, some individuals may experience mild side effects.

    These may include:

    - Mild dizziness or drowsiness
    - Nausea
    - Temporary increase in blood pressure
    - Tingling sensations
    - Flushing or warmth

    These side effects are usually temporary and subside on their own. If they persist or become bothersome, consult your healthcare provider.


    It is essential to be aware of certain precautions and warnings when using Migraitan Tablets 50mg:
    Do not use Migraitan Tablets 50mg if you are allergic to Sumatriptan or any other ingredients in the tablet.
    If you have a history of certain medical conditions, such as heart disease, uncontrolled hypertension, or severe liver or kidney problems, consult your healthcare provider before using these tablets.
    Migraitan Tablets 50mg are intended for the treatment of diagnosed migraines. Consult a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and guidance.
    If you experience chest pain, severe or prolonged headache, shortness of breath, or vision changes, seek immediate medical attention.
    Avoid alcohol consumption while taking Migraitan Tablets 50mg.
    Do not operate heavy machinery or engage in activities that require alertness until you are aware of how the medication affects you.
    If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to become pregnant, consult your healthcare provider before using Migraitan Tablets 50mg.

    Patient information leaflet

    Download patient information leaflet (PIL) on the link below:


    Can I use Migraitan Tablets 50mg for tension headaches?

    Migraitan Tablets 50mg are specifically formulated for the treatment of migraines. If you are experiencing tension headaches, it's important to consult your healthcare provider for appropriate treatment options.

    Are Migraitan Tablets 50mg suitable for children and adolescents?

    No, Migraitan Tablets 50mg are intended for use by adults only. Children and adolescents should not use this medication without consulting a healthcare professional.

    Can I take Migraitan Tablets 50mg if I have a history of heart problems?

    If you have a history of heart problems or other cardiovascular conditions, it's crucial to consult your healthcare provider before using Migraitan Tablets 50mg. They can help determine if this medication is safe for you.

    Can I use Migraitan Tablets 50mg during pregnancy?

    If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, it's important to consult your healthcare provider before using Migraitan Tablets 50mg. They can provide guidance on the safety and appropriateness of this medication for your situation.

    How quickly can I expect relief after taking Migraitan Tablets 50mg?

    The onset of relief can vary from person to person. While some individuals may experience relief shortly after taking Migraitan Tablets 50mg, others may require more time. If you do not experience relief or if your symptoms worsen, consult your healthcare provider.

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