Rightangled at BodyPower Expo 19 - Rightangled

Rightangled at BodyPower Expo 19

Rightangled Showcases Range of Consumer DNA Testing Kits at BodyPower Expo

London UK: Rightangled, the only NHS England backed DNA testing company in the UK, have announced today that they will be attend the prestigious Bodypower Expo, which takes place at the NEC Arena in Birmingham on the 10th , 11th and 12th of May. In doing so, Rightangled will become the first ever consumer DNA testing company to exhibit at the UK’s biggest health and fitness trade event, which attracts tens of thousands of health and fitness enthusiasts every year.

Members of the Rightangled team will be on hand across the three-day event to provide visitors with an insight into the future of consumer DNA testing, showcasing the four different DNA tests they have developed since 2017 and how they accommodate a range of health and fitness needs. Guests will be able to hear more about the four tests which include: The Heart DNA Test, which identifies anomalies that can increase or lower cardiovascular risks. The Fitness DNA Test, which details how to optimise muscle growth, shed excess fat and manage blood sugar levels. The Woman Wellness Test which assesses how likely it is for women to develop Venous Thrombosis (Blood Clots) and helps women understand how certain oral contraceptives may increase their chances of developing blood clots, dependent on their genes. And finally, the newly launched Wellness Pro DNA test, which provides individuals with the full package of services, giving customers an unparalleled understanding of their personal physiology.

The Rightangled DNA testing kits are the only tests available in the UK that analyse both environmental factors such as age, weight, diet and lifestyle in combination with a customer’s genetic profile, a unique offering which separates Rightangled apart from its competitors. Results take between two and four weeks at which point – through an online platform, customer are connected with medical and fitness specialists who can provide context and action plans on what users “can do next” based on their genetics, lifestyle and health and fitness goals.

The DNA testing kits range between £119- £199 and will be available to purchase and try on the day. For more information on Rightangled, go to https://www.rightangled.co/ or connect on Instagram @rightangledx

Click here to view Rightangled’s latest promotional video “Listen to Your DNA”, which encapsulates how DNA testing can be used to improve an individual’s health and wellbeing.

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