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Rightangled, a London based genetic testing company that was seed funded in 2017 by NHS England is now entering the US market with its’ genetic testing service and cloud-based online platform, that specialists and consumers can access to empower tailored health and fitness action plans.

An online platform is uniting medical and health experts to deliver rapid analysis of patients' DNA in a bid to reduce costs and improve lives. The company behind the platform, Rightangled, is CQC-registered and is gaining rapid attention in both the UK and US for its ability to combine testing of thousands of genetic markers with a specialist review of that data. The genetic information, when combined with user’s environmental factors (age, weight ,diet, lifestyle etc.), is helping health and fitness professionals advise treatments, diet and exercise plans that exactly match user’s unique profiles.

Rightangled Online Platform
Rightangled Online Platform - Jan, 2019


Today, Rightangled announced that it will be joining the ABHI (Association of British HealthTech Industries) Innovation Hub, a unique partnership between the ABHI and Dell Medical School at The University of Texas in Austin. It is very exciting news for Rightangled and their stakeholders from the NHS (National Health Services) who are further expanding UK’s Med Tech outreach to the US. “Genetic information is the language of life. Its insight gives doctors and fitness professionals a more precise and accurate outlook.”says Abdullah Sabyah, Rightangled’s CEO. “Knowing this information helps take the guesswork out of prescribing treatments, constructing diet and fitness programs and then figuring out how successful they ultimately become. Interestingly, we are seeing more and more doctors using genetic information nowadays, our mission is to enable genetic analysis to become a regular activity inside medical practices, fitness and wellness centres in the UK and further in the US as well. The aim is to help specialists deliver the right care to their clients by giving them an instruction manual for that unique individual.”

Recognised by leading private medical insurance companies, Rightangled has sought to create a platform that automates the process of testing, reports generating and connecting the specialists with the users online. In order for them to then conduct their analysis remotely and provide the action plans, which users can follow to optimise their health and minimise their risks. Commenting on its involvement with Rightangled, Tony Davis, Commercial Director for the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (NHS), said: “We have invested in Rightangled because its technology and service offerings align with our work for the NHS, supporting the establishment of a regional genomics medicine service that takes in all aspects of personalised medicine and prevention – as well as effective diagnosis.”

Rightangled has now opened a new office at Dell Medical School in Austin, Texas, as part of a UK/US innovation sharing partnership program, and at a time where the company is expanding its’ services across theAtlantic. Rightangled has recently been signing up service agreements with regional healthcare providers in Texas, partnering with logistic suppliers, accredited labs and other partners in the US with whom they will be delivering their services to the American consumer.

“When we released our initial product, the Heart DNA test, our first online order came from the US. For us that was a sign, and now the US is 20% of our monthly sales. This organic US growth has been taking place without a marketing campaign or local business development.” said Abdullah Sabyah, Co-founder and CEO of Rightangled.

Today the ABHI Innovation Hub located within Dell Med’s Health Co Lab offers the opportunity for Rightangled to be located within a world-class facility and to continue the development of future US business within an ecosystem of clinicians and healthcare providers. It also provides an infrastructure to strengthen market access and clinician engagement in Texas and beyond.

Philip Kennedy, Chair of the ABHI, said: “The ABHIInnovation Hub at Dell Medical School will offer Rightangled a unique opportunity to collaborate in a truly world class facility. The Hub will support promising health technology innovation whilst looking to develop value-based healthcare for the benefit of patients in Texas, throughout the US and at home in the UK."

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