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WorldLabs connects entrepreneurs and organisations together to foster innovation on a global scale. Worldlabs platform offers a unified space to connect, build meaningful partnerships, network and collaborate on projects, crowd source ideas and raise funds.

WorldLabs’ goal is to help ideas develop and grow by offering the funding, connections and tools needed to succeed. It is a great stage to offer all passionate innovators and entrepreneurs share their project ideas and experience with many others. More than 500 innovators and entrepreneurs attended WorldLabs’ elevating Ideas 2018. The conference brought together investors, innovators, and industry experts from all over the world for a day of inspiring talks, networking, practical workshops and a live pitch event with 10 of the most inspiring start-ups on WorldLabs.

Many promising entrepreneurial projects fail mainly because of lack of resources, support and funding. Therefore, WorldLabs created the Elevating Ideas Competition: to give entrepreneurs the chance to demonstrate their idea, discover valuable collaborators and gather the supporters needed to elevate the project to the next level.

Rightangled was a part of the the WorldLabs Conference 2018 and it was great to discuss our DNA testing service with the leading experts in the UK start-up ecosystem. The conference atmosphere was full of energy and positivity.


Peter Cowley - President of the European Business Angel Network, angel investor and tech entrepreneur

Tim Sawyer CBE - Chief Investment Officer at Innovate UK, Former CEO at The Start Up Loans Company

Divinia Knowles - Founder of Daijo, Former Pact Coffee COO and Mind Candy CFO

Andrius Biceika - Head of Business Development at Revolut

Eduardo Martinez Barrios - Head of Open Banking at Santander

Sarah Lamptey - Presenter

Dr David Brown - Co-Founder and CSO of Healx, investor and co-inventor of Viagra

Marco Dell'Aquila - Co-Founder of Inspiratia, serial entrepreneur and Professor at Johns Hopkins University

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